September 26, 2007

It would be quite useful if he were to honestly share with us his experiences (and frustrations) of dealing with Auroville's intricate politics

Re: Rich and Srikanth
by ronjon on Mon 24 Sep 2007 01:52 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
Dear RY, I appreciate your concern re Rich & Srikanth's withdrawal from active participation with SCIY. But there's no need to feel any remorse that your acrimony note was the real cause for their actions, which have been developing behind the scenes for awhile.
I've been in continuous communication with Rich about his situation, including a weekly 2-hour video conference with him. He's been heavily involved in a high-level funding proposal with Auroville and the India Knowledge Commission which has recently suffered some serious setbacks. He basically needs a break from all this while he pursues other options. I do think it would be quite useful if he were to honestly share with us here on SCIY his experiences (and frustrations) of dealing with Auroville's intricate politics. I'll talk with him personally about doing that...
So, it looks like it's pretty much up to us now RY. I do think it's time to expand our editor base to include other perspectives, and I'm wondering if there's anyone you'd like to suggest...And then there's the substantial potential of our new SCIY Forum. I hope you'll have the time and interest to co-develop it with me. I think it will be an important vehicle to significantly expand SCIY's audience and active participation. Warmly, ~ ronjon
Re: Rather Acrimonious (and a hiatus)
by Kim on Tue 25 Sep 2007 07:33 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
Rich ~ I hope you will not distance yourself from SCIY for too long. IMHO, this webzine is much more than an "interesting experiment," as you rightfully suggest. It is an instantiation of so many of the teachings, and indeed implorings, of Mother and Sri Aurobindo, at least in my small understanding of their phenomenal sacrifice for all of life. For us they have done all this! (waving arms in expansive gesture) And how wonderful that such an expression can now manifest in a webzine and that you have educated us and contributed so much to us here.
Rich, I've walked in shoes similar to yours and I know the impatience of a New Yorker and I appreciate the tenacity of the Texan, too! All that is part of who you are, the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) weave of what you've become, and fundamentally, it is your own unique and lovely expression. We have all learned something from this exchange and we have both you and Sri Kanth to thank for it. Hopefully you will be able to appreciate that soon. Please know that you are in our hearts and that we hold always the space for your unencumbered return. Couragio

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