September 23, 2007

What should occupy us are the issues, and not groups or individuals

Rather acrimonious and a sincere request by RY Deshpande
on Sat 22 Sep 2007 10:08 AM PDT Profile Permanent Link
A sincere request It is with a certain sense of guilt that I am making this post, after having shot out the “acrimony” note a couple of days ago. Perhaps I should have just kept quiet. I am saddened to see that Rich wishes to withdraw from his active participation and Shrikanth has expressed his great displeasure about some matters. I do understand these sensitive aspects,—and they are genuine,—but as deeper issues are involved we could set them aside. In fact in all my sincerity I will request them to do so.
There are things of deeper concern and our concern should be to look into them and offer our best solutions to them. Basically what should occupy us are the issues, and not groups or individuals. For instance, it is totally immaterial to know to what religion Dalal belongs. I look at him as a refined person and a fine soul, and nothing else comes in my reckoning. And the most beautiful thing about him is, his is the soul that belongs to the Mother. What else is required? Issues—and that is what we should be dealing with, bringing to them the Aurobindonian light and vision. Ronjon has reminded us about the sciy protocol and that should be our working guide. It has all the beautiful elements present in it and there cannot be any objection on anybody’s part in following them.
It is my humble request to Ronjon to approach both Rich and Shrikanth to take active part and enrich sciy with their contributions, even as I request them in my personal capacity to do so. In fact I will venture to suggest Ronjon to invite Shrikanth to be a part of the sciy editorial team. I see that he has the necessary competence and experience that can open another window for the sciy. The gain will be universal. But I leave these things for Ronjon and Debashish to decide. Please consider—and thanks. RYD

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