February 18, 2008

The concept of beauty has changed with the evolving socio-economic changes around the world

Concept of beauty has changed with time, say experts
Staff Reporter The Hindu Sunday, Feb 17, 2008 Other States - Puducherry
Contemporary issues discussed at meeting on Sri Aurobindo
Photo: T. Singaravelou New concepts: Mustansir Dalvi, professor of architecture, Sir J. J College of Architecture, Mumbai, speaking at the meeting on Sri Aurobindo at Auroville on Saturday. —

PUDUCHERRY: Experts drawn from various fields such as art, humanities and architecture, who made presentations on the second day of the three-day meet on “Sri Aurobindo…the new dynamism of the material and the Spiritual,” discussed issues related to the contemporary world.
Opening the session with his talk on “Evolution of Beauty,” Michael Murphy, member of the International Advisory Council, Auroville Foundation, said the concept of beauty has changed with the passing of time. The evolving socio-economic changes around the world has made a great impact on the thinking process of the human being, he added.
Among the written and spoken art forms, the world of cinema has become a powerful tool to convey ideas and beliefs, Mr. Murphy said. “It has become a powerful tool. Cinema has the power to make human being sit at one place and think,” he added.

On the topic “Evolution accelerated, Auroville’s paradigm: A search”, Deepti Tewari, member of the Auroville community and teacher, said a collective effort should be made to transcend humanity to bring a new world order devoid of war and genocide. She appealed to all Aurovillian’s to work towards making the Mother’s dream come true.
Alok Pandey, psychiatrist, in his talk on “A greater psychology of man” said man has reached a breaking point in his inner life that we see symbolically translated in his outer life as well. There is discontent the world-over and the edifices of old well established norms were being brought down. Humans were longing for a change and looking for new ideas and concepts. Speaking on “Looking for affirmative architecture in a disenchanted age,” Mustansir Dalvi, professor of architecture in Sir J. J College of Architecture, Mumbai, said the field of architecture had been highly commercialised by realtors and builders.
The present day interdisciplinary approach practised in all fields had come into architecture too and it had brought immense change in the concept of design and building a house, he said.

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