February 06, 2008

The moment that you objectify anything you automatically seek to control it

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A profoundly atheistic interpretation of the natur...":
Exoteric religions (as per "faith" and theology) and scientism, share the same basic reductionist presumptions. Namely that we are inherently separate from the Divine Conscious Light, from the world process altogether, and from each other. All of these are presumed to be entirely "other" are are thus objectified.
One of the Upanishads tells us that whenever there is presumed other then fear spontaneously arises. What is more the objectified "other" is always thus your enemy, and you are always thus at war with everything "other" including the Divine Coscious Light. Plus the moment that you objectify anything you automatically seek to control it (the "other"), and will thus eventually destroy the "other". So how "profound" could anyones understanding of anything possibly be when they are completely wrapped up in this (hell deep) fear based asana?
And what has the "resurrection of jesus" got to do with anything? What about the tooth fairy, santa claus, and the easter rabbit, all of which belong (with "jesus") to the same pantheon of childhood cartoon characters. Theology reduces the Divine Conscious Light to the merely mortal meat-body human scale. And thus both controls the Divine and uses the "divine" to justify the inevitable horrors produced, justified, and promoted by the ecclesiastical "authorities". Murder and mayhem, imperial conquest, and empire justified by the genocidal tribal deity. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Open Forum at 10:47 AM, February 06, 2008

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