February 28, 2008

Going beyond earth-time and coming back to create the universe

[Savitri] The Quest from savitri by sri aurobindo by Joydip Chakladar

These unfamiliar spaces on her way
Were known and neighbours to a sense within,
Landscapes recurred like lost forgotten fields,
Cities and rivers and plains her vision claimed
Like slow-recurring memories in front,
The stars at night were her past's brilliant friends,
The winds murmured to her of ancient things
And she met nameless comrades loved by her once.

Every event, which happens around us, is experienced by our sense organs, which ultimately creates impression in our sense mind. The deeper the impressions are, better is our memory of the event. And certain times, this impression are so deep that it remains for a life time,and other lives too. And, while the sadhak comes back to certain situations, on his next life time, which has close coherence with the events she has experienced in earlier lives, she gains that memory. However, in this case, she does not go beyond the laws of earth time. She only gains a memory, about some point of time.

Going beyond earth time, is a ascension ability, which helps any yogi to ascend in different higher plane of time conciousness. The sadhak now stands beyond time. These experiences are commonly referred as Nirvana. When some sadhak, reaches here, they never come back to earthly time.

Though at this point, he can opt to comeback, and be an associate with the supermind on creating the universe, still having the regular mind and regular body. Only difference is, his mind now becomes an instrument of the supermind.

By studying the impression of mind and getting details of other life times , is a process popularly known as “Past life regression". The original thought and text beyond it, could be found from Maharishi Patanjali’s sutra’s on Raj-Yoga (‘Vibhuti Pad’).

Going beyond earth-time and coming back to create the universe, which will have the same perfection, as it is in the layer of supermental conciousness, is a supramental experience, and references could be found in ‘Synthesis of Yoga’ Chapter 25 onwards.

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