February 08, 2008

It is high time that the world opened its heart to him

You Asked About Sri Aurobindo - 25 Answers
- Arun and Pavitra Amin Other titles by Authors
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This book gives an insight into the life of Sri Aurobindo. Through Twenty-Five questions and answers the authors introduce the reader to Sri Aurobindo's experiences and teachings.
"This is a charming, insightful, wholly delightful book. But far more important, it is a book that teaches us so very much. Again and again in their writings the Amins have guided us to face the inspiration and wisdom of the East. Now here in a gentle, original way they present questions that gracefully reveal Sri Aurobindo. This saintly man is said to have "carried the world in his heart." It is high time that the world opened its heart to him. The Amins' latest book enables us to do so." reviewed By Harry Cahil
Part 1 - Front Cover Part 2 - Inside Pages Part 3 - Back Cover
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