May 01, 2008

I welcome you to the fold of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

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Welcome....I welcome you to the fold of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Indian industry is waking up to the challenges thrown in by the global economy. To survive in this highly competitive scenario, managers are required to improve quality, increase productivity, cut down waste and eliminate inefficiency. The collective efforts of the employer and the employee assume relevance in this context. It is here that the Human Resource Management plays crucial role.

The HRM stream at Sri Aurobindo Business School is designed to provide an understanding of the major elements involved in the management of the people. This programme will streach your thinking and fire your imagination with pragmatic learning. Through innovative teaching and dynamic interaction that the school offers, you will be able to explore your own potential in perspectives. The programme would help you to learn a set of skills that will enable you to lead in a complex business environment.

The PGP-HRM curriculum is demanding, but it will take you on a journey of self-discovery, a deep appreciation of the business dynamics and the preperation for transformational leadership. I am sure your stay at SABS campus will be rewarding and full of learning opportunities.

Sri Aurobindo Business School has been set up by Sri Aurobindo Trust, sponsored by the Vardhman Group. The Vardhman Group led by Mr. S.P. Oswal, is one of the best textile conglomerates in India. Mr. S.P. Oswal a votary of merit and excellence wishes to contribute to the movement of nurturing youth as leaders of tomorrow. It is possible only if the youth is professionally trained and motivated for achieving larger goals of the society. Sri Aurobindo Business School offers following Post Graduate programme:

• Post Graduate Programme in Human Resource Management and

• Post Graduate Programme in Sales and marketing management

Both are intensive, fully autonomous programme and will be conducted in collaboration with business organizations in the region. These high level programmes will allow participants to develop competencies that will enable them to become effective HR managers and Marketing professionals.
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Sri Aurobindo - A Profile: Sri Aurobindo (August15, 1872-December5, 1950) was an Indian nationalist, scholar poet, Hindu mystic, evolutionary philosopher, yogi and guru. Amongst many other philosophies such as The Divine Life on Earth, Supra Mental Truth Consciousness Force, Sri Aurobindo has also propounded the concept of Integral Education. SABS is based on this philosophy of Integral Education. Education is meant to bring out the best in man, to develop his potentialities to the maximum, to integrate him with himself, his surroundings, his society, his country and humanity to make him 'complete man', the 'integral man'. The purpose of education cannot be, to merely create a literate individual, or a highly informed person crammed with information and facts, or to create an individual to find a job. The more important aspects of an individual are his character, his personality and his values. The process of education must be integral.

Integral education aims at the total and complete development of the individual: a strong, supple, well informed and healthy body; a sensitive unselfish and mature emotional nature, a positively energetic vital, an enlightened mind, a wide ranging and vibrant intelligence, a strong will, a balanced and pleasing personality; and the subtler spiritual qualities that can channelise, harmonise and direct all the different parts of an individual into a life that is beneficial to the individual and to his fellow men.

Sri Aurobindo Business School endeavors to develop such qualities in its students. It aims at the all round development of a student's personality - physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual. SABS aspires to produce complete individuals for the new society.

Director Message
Sri Aurobindo Business School is an outcome of a proactive response to augment capacities for the growth and global competitiveness of Indian business. The School aims to train and inspire a new class of managers who can make a difference to the organizations they work for. The programme participants pass through a well structured process of conceptual rigour and real life applications. The pedagogy is a rich blend of interaction with accomplished teachers, thought leaders, top executives and live projects. The end result is a deep understanding of business, ability to analyse problems, develop strategies and action plans, communicate ideas and motivate people to action. SABS prepares you to acquire right knowledge, skills and judgment to make right decisions. The talented community of faculty and program participants is both challenging and inspiring.SABS is designed to be a key milestone in your journey towards professional transformation and to ensure that you have every advantage of meeting the career challenges of a rapidly integrating global economy.

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