May 27, 2008

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have never said anywhere that there would come a third Avatar, after Them

from M Alan Kazlev to"Tusar N. Mohapatra" <> date 3 May 2008 04:20 subject Re: Savitri Era Learning Forum : You have not yet attained the lived experience o...

hi Tusar
I read Robert's long reply and wish I had seen it before I sent you that short message.

I do not at all doubt the sincerity and good will of of the disciples or students of PNB, and there is much useful insight in their words. Unfortunately, it is mixed with the demand that PNB be accepted as a Supramental Avatar (although to be fair to them, they do not say that she is equal to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (to me that would be the greatest hubris), only that she is third in the line of succession.

But one could say that anyone who is inspired by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's magnificent Teachings and Work is in the line of succession. So sure, Thea is, but so is Robert and you and I and the entire Integral Yoga community. It is rather ironic that while Robert (who seems to me a very decent guy, and to whom I wish only the best) refers to "a religious dogma which you and others preside over as the final authorities of their message", it may be equally said that he and the other students of PNB likewise have created a religious dogma, a mental, rather than a supra-mental, realization.

It could be argued for instance that an example of such a mental dogma is "the Law of Three", with its Theosophical-style correlations and intellectual-astrological overtones; then quoting Sri Aurobindo for authority. To me this seems like a sort of Biblical interpretation in a cosmos governed by "laws", rather than as the spontaneous Play of the Supreme. I'm certainly not denying that there are what are generally called "laws" of nature, although "rules" would be a much better term, because "laws" implies a law-maker, and hence the whole biblical monotheistic approach, but these "laws" or rather rules only apply at the lowest levels, not to the Divine Itself, Who can never be limited in such a way.

So who is one to believe, when each side has such a firm mental opinion, strong arguments, and of course it is only one's own camp that is in the right, and the opposite camp in error?

This is how the mind works, it talks a tiny part of truth (or for that matter of falsehood) and claims absolute authority on the basis of this. And as Sri Aurobindo explains in his profound letter on the Intermediate Zone, even with spiritual insight and experiences, one can still fall into error! The only sure guide is the Psychic Presence, that is the only thing that can lead us beyond the mental realisations and the intermediate zone experiences to, in Robert's words (the Thea people do have a nice turns of phrase) "the lived experience of their message"

Robert rebukes you because "You have not read the first word of any of Thea's books". Well, fair enough, but I have, although certainly not to any depth (so he could equally take me to task). But enough to reveal to me the contrast between Thea's very intellectual approach (which is evident even in Robert's letter with his long comments on the "Law of Three"), and the spontaneous Light that shines through Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's words. I am not denying that PNB makes some intriguing observations; e.g. in one of her books she shows that teh outline of the original (pre-partitian) India is the same as the astrological sign of Capricorn (make of that what you will!), and I have been told by a friend that she was talking about galactic alignment long before the current New Age movement caught on. I am not an expert in these fields so I cannot comment. All I do know is that, no matter how sincerely I look, I do not find in her writings the profound Light and inspiration I have found in Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's words.

Add to that PNB's curious claim that her son, known as "the Fourth" (what happened to the Law of Three?) is the reincarnation of Sri Aurobindo (i am not joking). This seems to be an example of the danger, on encountering the great power of the Intermediate Zone, of grandiose opinions. And this is an even bigger reason why I do not consider PNB to be the sole and legitimate successor of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother


Saturday, May 03, 2008 Some Viewpoints
There has been some correspondence between "Tusar N. Mohapatra" and Robert E. Wilkinson of which copies were sent to me by Tusar. The mails are several and I have gone though them all. I also find a message from M Alan Kazlev in this regard, which I quote below:

hi Tusar I do find the students of PNB (Thea) to be sincere and decent people. It is just that, like you, I cannot agree with their belief that PNB is an avatar. best wishes alan

I fully agree with Alan.


On perusal of the message of Robert to Tusar, I find that there has been attack on Tusar that he arrogantly proclaimed the words of Robert to be “dishonest concoctions, spiritual distortions and contagious curios.” Robert declares that Tusar’s words are an indignant snarl and arrogant proclamation. So, Robert has tried to bat in the same fashion that he thinks to be the fashion of Tusar’s batting. If Tusar’s presentation does not seem to him to be Supramental, Robert’s claims are also not Supramental. The Supramental does not at all have the necessity of similar actions and reactions, of trying to prove Itself before others that It is present. When the Sun rises, darkness recedes. One does not search out the Sun by lighting a torch or a lamp. Robert has rightly quoted the following :

"The significance of our existence here determines our destiny... If there is a Being that is becoming, a Reality of existence that is unrolling itself in Time, what that being, that reality secretly is what we have to become, and so to become is our life's significance." [Life Divine : Sri Aurobindo]

If there is a Being, there is a becoming. This is known by all who are in touch with the Truth Sri Aurobindo represents. This Becoming is an Involution and Evolution of the Being, from the Being.

There is a reference to a frozen duality of BEING : obviously, that is a reference to the dual godhead of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Are They frozen, without a third principle? To say that would really be too much of indignation and disdain. If The Mother and Sri Aurobindo are frozen, who else can be there to lead the onward becoming towards the New World? Has anyone the audacity to say that someone else is there to liberate Them from the frozenness?

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have never said anywhere that there would come a third Avatar, after Them, to complete Them. Of course, there will be others who will carry onward and complete The Work which They began. They will be Their instruments. Even there may be some Vibhutis, as described in the book The Mother.

To bring in and add the Idea of Trinity and Trimurty and the references to Triguna and Tridosha in order to activate the Frozen Force of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, does not simply fit in the Philosophy and Teaching of Sri Aurobindo. His Teaching is complete and the most synthetic — it excludes nothing. Nothing is left there so that someone else will fill up the gap.

The Idea of Trinity etc was not new or unknown to Sri Aurobindo. According to Him, the Trinity is the Transcendental, the Cosmic and the Individual Divine.If one still presses the idea of Trinity, I would say that The Mother has already answered the question. She said to Huta:

Love. love and love as much as you can … the Lord, Sri Aurobindo and me. None of this love is wasted.

And one may still argue that The Mother referred to Sri Aurobindo by saying the words ‘the Lord’. But it is not so. There was a question asked to The Mother:

Mother, what is the difference between the Lord and Sri Aurobindo?

The Mother says:

There is no essential difference, but the Lord is All and Sri Aurobindo is a part but Conscious of the Supreme Lord of whom He is an emanation.

Thus, those were the Ideas of Trinity Sri Aurobindo and The Mother had.Conclusively, I say that I have a great regard for Thea [PNB] as a great spiritual person and have read some of her writings, and all her followers and students have every right to regard her in the way as they think best, for she is a Guru for them. However, I do not regard her to be an Avatar.

And I have no intention to question the faith and conviction of Roberts, who is on his Way.

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from Robert E. Wilkinson <> to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" <> , Lori Tompkins <>, Patricia Heidt <>, Jeanette Caurant <>
date 9 May 2008 20:51 subjectA Matter of Supramental Knowledge

Dear Tusar,

I hope you have had time to think about the points I raised in my last letter and to contemplate the Mother’s displeasure with your disgraceful behavior. I feel that the time has come now for you to make amends for your baseless rejection of Thea’s work and her role as the Third Principle in the Supramental Line. In my last, I gave you numerous examples of the validity of the triune manifestation, not to mention Sri Aurobindo’s own emphasis on this underlying ‘Triple Principle’ throughout all his written works. Since you have taken it upon yourself to ignore the facts and act as an uninformed impediment to the progress of this epochal yoga, I must now insist that you read Thea’s major works: The New Way, Vol. 1 – 3 * and discuss them openly on your blog. If our situations were reversed, I am sure you would consider it a point of honor to insist that I do the same. Aside from discovering the error of your ways, perhaps this will also serve in some way to redeem your long standing insincerity regarding the unique body of Supramental Knowledge that Thea has given to the world. I believe you know in your heart that the Mother would insist on nothing less.

You may order these books from Jeanette Caurant at Æon Books by writing her at: As a preliminary step to your study, I further insist that you read the “Chronicles of the Inner Chamber” that the Matrimandir Action Committee has posted on our website: . It may interest you to know that a complete copy of the "Manifesto and Chronicles of the Inner Chamber" has been accepted and preserved for posterity by the Ashram Trust as a permanent part of the Auroville Archives collection for researchers who wish to learn the indisputable facts of the Mother’s original vision of her Inner Chamber. In addition, these Chronicles and Updates bear ample testimony to the ever-replenishing source of higher knowledge that is the Mother’s Vision and what she called “A Symbol of the Future Realization.”

I look forward to your reply. In the Service of Truth, Robert

*The New Way Vol. I & II: A study in the rise and the establishment of a gnostic society, Volumes 1 & 2, by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, at $45.00, from Æon Books, ISBN: 0945747063. The preeminent symbol of a new consciousness now manifesting upon the Earth is a cosmological structure known as the Mother's Inner Chamber. This sacred structure is a living manifestation of the descending Truth-Consciousness into Earth's atmosphere and symbolizes Earth's emerging Soul. Written into its architectonic structure are keys to the harmonies of the cosmos and the secrets of Supramental Time. Ms. Norelli-Bachelet explains the origins of this contemporary temple design and its occult measurements which define the evolution of consciousness on this planet.

The New Way, Volume III by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet at $36.00, Rs 750 from Æon Books, ISBN:0945747039. In this volume the INDIVIDUAL is featured in his evolutionary journey. The contemporary process of evolving a completely new condition of being, called the Supramental by Sri Aurobindo is the theme of this volume. To illustrate the method, the author reveals the occult significance of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, the famous drawing of a man within a circle and a square which she calls the Universal Being. On the backdrop of the Mother’s Inner Chamber, the central revelation of Volumes 1 and 2, through Leonardo’s drawing the author carries sacred art to dimensions never before reached. The author also elaborates further on her discoveries concerning Time and its role as an ally in the evolutionary process we are all experiencing. She writes about the importance of experiencing Whole Time, the complete cycle of experience, previously unknown and now open to humanity and with it the ultimate conquering of Death.

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