July 29, 2008

Aesthetics and innate capabilities of mass media and the deeper purpose

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Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication (SAIMC), a unit of Sri Aurobindo Society, Pudducherry. Sri Aurobindo Society (SAS) conducts research in the fields of social thought, human values, cultural traditions, education, psychology, health, management, arts, economics and so on. The objective is to catch the deeper sense and essence of these fields of human endeavour in order to transform the very collective life of humankind into an expression of a higher Truth and Consciousness.

SAIMC is a centre for creative learning in mass communication that lays emphasis on a holistic, individual growth for a deeper understanding of creative expressions in mass media. It is a non-profit institution providing quality education and training for a career in mass communications. Simultaneously SAIMC continuously conducts research on bringing in a higher order of consciousness and value in the media industry by imparting the skills based in the principles of Integral education as propounded by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

SAIMC is situated in the sprawling green campus of the Delhi Branch of Sri Aurobindo Society. Located in the heart of South Delhi, the campus is a green oasis with well-manicured gardens lined with trees and seasonally changing colours of flowerbeds. It is a retreat conducive for intellectual stimulation that promotes growth.

The campus at SAIMC is visual delight; it stands out like an island in the metropolitan city like Delhi. Spread over 2.45 acres of land with over 65 percent open and green area, the SAIMC campus boasts of space unimaginable in South Delhi, the bustling hub of the capital. Located on New Mehrauli Road right next to NCERT, the campus is very well connected with the rest of the city by public transport. The aesthetically designed campus is home to a variety of flora and trees. A well manicured garden and the delightful chirping of birds makes the campus a retreat from the chaos all around for intellectual stimulation.

Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication (SAIMC) aspires to bring in positive changes in the way future media professionals and artists look at the realm of mass communication and artistic expressions. It is guided by the belief that the future of mankind lies in living life in spiritual awareness, the outward progress has to be matched equally with the journey within. Hopefully, it will help bring a heightened sense of living and awareness.

As the media has a great role to play in building the individual, community, national and global value and identity; it is the raised awareness of the media professionals that will help mankind step subtly in the future. SAIMC wants to provide a space for learning for aspiring media professionals where one can understand the aesthetics and innate capabilities of mass media and understand themselves vis-à-vis the deeper purpose of their own profession. At the same time, sound technical knowledge also has to be acquired to ensure that outer growth for the career advancement is backed by a inner spiritual journey. This will help them get a true purpose and aesthetic appreciation of life.

Governing Body
Shri Pradeep Narang - Chairman, Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry
Shri Vijay Poddar - Member Executive- Administrative & Finance Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry
Shri Ranjit Puri - Chairperson, Sri Aurobindo Society, Delhi Branch
Ms. Meera Juneja - Hony. Secretary, Sri Aurobindo Society, Delhi Branch
Shri J.P. Saria - Businessman and Social Worker
Shri Srinivasarao Mulugu - Director, Auromira Consultant
Shri S.P. Mittal - Advocate, Delhi High Court
Ms. Daljeet Wadhwa - Director, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication

Mr. Shankhajeet De (Deputy Director, Academics) takes keen interest in interpreting the ideals of Integral Education in media education and also teaches scriptwriting and production in the Film Production Department at SAIMC. Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication (A Unit of Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry) Sri Aurobindo Society, New Mehrauli Road, Adhchini, New Delhi - 110 017 Phone: 91-011-26561986/ 2652 9022 (Extn: 33, 35) Fax: 91-011- 2656 5470 Email:

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