July 27, 2008

Sri Aurobindo, the illumined and inspired seer-poet, has raised poetry to the level of mantra

Tributes To Sri Aurobindo

"Brahman defies description, mind and speech return baffled from it. Likewise Sri Aurobindo defies description, no adjective, no epithet, no appellation seems to be adequate. So universal is his genius, so many-faceted his personality, so varied his life and career that mind and speech are overwhelmed and fall silent when confronted by him, a being with peer, -- scholar, journalist, educationist, politician, statesman, revolutionary leader, nation-builder, poet, philosopher, lover of humanity, lover of God, Yogi, Guru and Master.

Sri Aurobindo the illumined and inspired seer-poet has raised poetry to the level of mantra and transformed English into a devabhasa, a language of the gods.

Arabinda Basu Sri Aurobindo Professor of Philosophy, Banaras University; Director, Sri Aurobindo Research Academy and Professor of Philosophy Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education, Pondicherry


The Dynamic Absolute: A preface to Sri Aurobindo's Integral AdvaitaDilip Kumar Roy

In his introduction to the book Dr. Arabinda Basu, a well known scholar and the Director, Sri Aurobindo Research Academy, Pondicherry writes:

"The Dynamic Absolute is a fair and accurate exposition of Sri Aurobindo's vision of Brahman and the consequent view of the world including his original conception of the destiny of man and mankind....students and teachers of philosophy will find this book a good and reliable introduction to the integral Adwaita of the mystic philosopher".

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