July 30, 2008

Sri Aurobindo’s writings abound in allusions which, if understood, immeasurably enhance our appreciation and comprehension

Sri Aurobindo’s writings abound in allusions, and Savitri is no exception. indeed Sri Aurobindo has made lavish use of this poetic tool to enrich the suggestiveness of his word-music and images. We find echoes of the Vedas, Upanishads, Gita and Puranas – but also of Greek and roman mythology, of the Bible, and of lines or phrases from English literature, and from Virgil, Dante, Homer and other great poets. As we read the poem in the course of our other activities, we constantly come across allusions which, if understood, immeasurably enhance our appreciation and comprehension. recognising and elucidating these allusions is an on-going process. A few instances have been shared in the pages of this journal. Vladimir has created a database where such references can be recorded and adequate explanations collected.

Vladimir himself has contributed a lot of material to this project, based on the Vedic research being done by himself and by our German friend Nishtha. Vladimir is often invited to contribute to seminars and conferences with his knowledge of the Vedas, and some of his articles have appeared here in Invocation. There are more to come. In April we brought out a first taste of Nishtha’s work in the form of a pamphlet entitled ‘Anumati : Hymn to the Divine Grace’, which comprises the original text of Arthava Veda Vii.20 in Devanagari, with a transliteration, translations into English and German, and Nishtha’s notes. Inovcation 27. pdf

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