May 18, 2010

Brahman does not stand to nature as a Creator-god does in Western religion

But the position of Aurobindo is quiet different. It is not by removing himself from his body, mind and even his consciousness, that the individual can reach the highest state. But it is by the fullest development of the body, ...
Intellectual Abstraction or Mystical Vision « Sri Aurobindo Studies
Sri Aurobindo takes this point further “A certain difficulty arises for our mind in reconciling these different faces or fronts of the One Self and Spirit, because we are obliged to use abstract conceptions and defining words and ideas ...
Darwiniana » Involution?
By nemo Darwiniana History, Evolution, and the Darwin Debate 05.17.10 Involution? We already linked to Dembski’s post at UD: Ulrich Mohrhoff on the Hindu alternative to materialism and ID, and there is another link: Beyond Natural Selection and Intelligent Design: Sri Aurobindo’s Theory of Evolution Ulrich J Mohrhoff Abstract
An outline of Sri Aurobindo’s theory of spiritual evolution is presented. Ultimate Reality relates to each world (ours need not be the only one) as the substance that constitutes it, as a consciousness that contains it, and as an infinite joy that expresses and experiences itself in it. In our world, Ultimate Reality is “playing Houdini,” enchaining itself as best it can, challenging itself to escape from self-created darkness and inertia, to rediscover its true self and powers, to affirm itself in conditions that appear to be its very opposite. Sri Aurobindo calls the process by which these conditions are created “involution.” Once we have a sufficient grasp of this process, we are in a position to understand the true nature of evolution, which is not finished: man is a transitional being, his greatness lies not in what he is, but in what he makes possible.
My philosophical background is close to the original Vedanta of the Upanishads, and more specifically to its detailed and deeply experience-backed exposition and further development by Sri Aurobindo. The attempt to present it in a nutshell is likely to produce a caricature, but I’ll try nonetheless to spell out some of its fundamental tenets. (For a more detailed exposition, see my article Beyond Natural Selection and Intelligent Design: Sri Aurobindo s Theory of Evolution in AntiMatters vol 2 no 2.) Read more…

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