May 04, 2010

Values in Politics from Sri Aurobindo’s Perspective — Anirban Ganguly

Ethics and Culture: Some Indian Reflections
Editor: Sanyal, Indrani, Co-Editor: Sashinungla
D.K. Printworld: 2010, viii, 364 p.; Index Hardbound Rs. 795.00 ISBN: 8186921524

The anthology Ethics and Culture: Some Indian Reflections looks into global and local questions pertaining to individual morality and social ethos in the larger domain of man in relation to man, in relation to various domains of society and also in relation to nature/world/cosmos. A group of philosophers have presented a panorama of pluralistic Indian perspectives that include classical, traditional Vedic, contemporary and tribal viewpoints with the hope to ignite the spirit of better understanding of values. The result is a well-planned text for students of philosophy, sociology, anthropology and politics and an analytic and authentic reference for researchers with interest in these areas of thought. ny forward-looking reader with a wider interest may find this anthology to be quite useful. 

Ethics and Culture Preface, Introduction
1. Sri Ramkrishna: The Embodiment of Pure Simplicity Krishna Roy
2. Saradamoni Devi: An Eternal Image of Traditional Indian Values — Rubai Saha
3. Thoughts of Tagore on Man, Freedom and Value Shefali Moitra
4 . Swami Vivekananda’s System of Practical Vedanta and its Integral Values Madhumita Chattopadhyay
5. Gandhian Economic Thought Revisited — Jhuma Chakraborty
6. Varna and Jati Indrani Sanyal
7. Rising Above Self-Interest — The Prescribed Value — Ratna Dutta Sharma
8. Exploring Ao Values and Ethics Sashinungla
9. Love and Sexuality in Kurmi Culture — Arun Mahata and Aditi Dasgupta
10. Communicating Moral Values to Adolescents — Atashee Chatterjee Sinha
11. Values in Politics from Sri Aurobindo’s Perspective — Anirban Ganguly
12. The Ideal of Human Relations — Aparna Banerjee

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