November 24, 2012

1926 scores over 1949

Tweets 1h - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty Not appreciating Sri Aurobindo yet is a cause of India's misery. AAP must offer intellectual leadership and not discredited Leftist ideology. 1h Karnad batted for lyrics recently and a play is more about dialogues. AAP must get down to Policy or it'd be Too many cooks spoil the broth. 1h -@indinova @mihirssharma Neither Ayodhya nor Nalanda, Pondicherry shows the way for the future through Sri Aurobindo's #5Dreams #SiddhiDay  View conversation 1h Muted response to AAP on Twitter is understandable. Ground has slipped from under many a feet and most are crestfallen. #SiddhiDay#5Dreams 2h The circuitous route that AAP has traversed before taking birth today is a masterstroke considering how perplexed Congress, BJP & Left were. 2h Thanks to AAP, there is a space now in the national politics to breathe freely beyond dynasties and dystopian fossils. #SiddhiDay#5Dreams 3h So Hisar was no misadventure. With AAP becoming a reality, connecting the dots is easier now. "Mayhem in Meham" too once made Haryana famous. 3h - @rajeerajan Many faces of Indian Democracy: Of the Bharatiya Lok Dal, By the Janata Party, For the Aam Aadmi Party. #SiddhiDay Sri Aurobindo  View conversation 7h What better opportunity than to have an inhouse psephologist for founding AAP who is also an ace theorist and stickler for ethics #SiddhiDay 7h Equally fascinating is AAP's tryst with theatre. All techniques of Asmita were adopted to change the political theatre of India. #SiddhiDay 7h AAP took birth through the midwifery of the old-, new-, and paid-media. Truly a 21st Century party that has tamed technology. #SiddhiDay 7h Machiavelli is the first political thinker to effectively separate politics from religion - by Greg Nyquist: … #SiddhiDay 8h Sri Aurobindo drew on Neoplatonism, Hegelianism, and Bergson … Yoga Vashishtha and Kashmir Shaivism … 8h Knowing the complexities of Indian political scene, it's premature to expect firm policy grooves hewed by AAP. #SiddhiDay of Sri Aurobindo. 8h AAP deserves all support and goodwill as it occupies the crucial non-Congress, non-BJP space as an alternative with a national perspective. 8h Many faces of Indian Democracy: Of the Bharatiya Lok Dal, By the Janata Party, For the Aam Aadmi Party. #SiddhiDay Sri Aurobindo's 5-Dreams. 23h - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty - #SiddhiDay of Sri Aurobindo. Greetings. Posted by Tusar N. Mohapatra at 11:45 PM Saturday, November 24, 2012 Labels: AAPKarnadMachiavelliSri Aurobindo Location: Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

in response to [Tusar N. Mohapatra: Arvind Kejriwal’s New Party on Sri Aurobindo’s Siddhi Day Best Wishes to Kejriwal by Tusar N. Mohapatra]
But Arvind is anti-Aurobindo and wants socialism – something Aurobindo vigorously opposed! Sanjeev Sabhlok says: November 23, 2012 at 4:10 pm
But democracy per se will NEVER give you liberty. That I can guarantee. Democracy is anti-liberty, and unless it is constitutionally checked, it ALWAYS leads to greater and greater restriction on liberty. Gurcharan’s recent book shows that Gurgaon grew fastest because it had no special democracy and definitely no functional government. So within India itself, people are already migrating to such places.

We don't need ANY "political rights" at all! We don't need even ONE of the UN's extremely long list of Universal Human Rights - which are ALL "political rights." All we need is LIBERTY - then will come PROPERTY - and thereafter CONTRACTS - all under PRIVATE LAW.

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  1. Thank you on behalf of my family and all friends for forming a party..Now we have someone to whom we can vote for..All others were just corupt and greed