November 25, 2012

Women embrace their responsibilities—rather than escape

RY Deshpande permalink One example of that horrifying frightful history is the cruel cold-blooded holocaust, a hell-fire let loose into the world of life and civilisation. Sri Aurobindo himself had said that, Hitler’s success would have meant putting the clock of human civilisation back by fifty thousand years. That would have been dreadfully calamitous. This had to be halted. The most difficult and painful occult work the Mother and Sri Aurobindo had done to halt it is the real story of World War Two.
The Mother impersonated the Power who was guiding Hitler and ‘deceived’ Hitler to take a wrong step, telling him to invade Russia. That was virtually the end of the War.

From: Rajiv Malhotra Date: Thu, Nov 22, 2012 Subject: interpretation of involution/evolution
Unmesha and nimesha are the terms used to describe involution and evolution. I need an expert interpretation of the text in this regard. This concept is the very foundation of Ken Wilber's claim to originality in his Integral Theory. He got this from Sri Aurobindo but denies it. I discovered that Sri Aurobindo got it from Swami Vivekananda who elaborates this principle many times. But some Westerners respond that even prior to Vivekananda, there were vague references to this idea in some European writings. Now I discover that these Europeans were Indologists who had probably picked it from Sanskrit texts.

What is the characteristic of the true faith required in a spiritual aspirant?  It is a combination of faith and doubt… people’s personalities are constituted differently and each one evolves in his own time by the truth of his own nature.  What seems evidently true to one person at one point in time may not make sense to another… In the spiritual path, mental rules are to be shed as much as possible and actions must be guided by an awakening intuition.   Actions which elevate the consciousness, which enable the mind to rise above the senses are undertaken without regard to tradition… The spiritual approach to reading holy books calls for a fine blend of critical thinking and interpretive insight… The goal in the spiritual path is to rediscover the truth for oneself and not get stuck in the words of past Prophets…  The spiritual approach to such confusions is to neither believe nor disbelieve the problematic assertions in question but to lay them on the side for later resolution… The spiritual path is propelled by the desire to rediscover the Truth for oneself by using some psychological and occult practices. 

The touch of a woman DNA: Tuesday, Mar 7, 2006 By Deepti Priya Mehrotra
Women’s spirituality is seldom the kind that turns away from the world. Rather, many women recognise spirituality as best expressed when deeply engaged with the relationships, values and emotions. They tend to embrace their responsibilities—rather than escape. So, ordinary women often exhibit extraordinary strength. They refuse to abandon children—or the aged and the ailing—to set out in search of personal gains, or enlightenment. In so doing, women seem to thrive. They understand that nurturing life is harmonious with nurturing their own spirituality.
Do women remain intuitive and empathetic after entering the modern workplace? Girls and boys are born with similar potential. But society tends to teach boys to deny their softer emotions making them vulnerable. Girls are trained to see life’s worth in revolving it around other people. But increasingly, women are rebelling against the concept of sacrificing self for others.
They want to change aggressive practices—rather than accept, submit or get absorbed. Women are pursuing the right to develop their own identities— through education, career and creativity. Some of the changes they are making at the workplace are obvious—more colour, exchange of personal stories, greater sensitivity. Deeper shifts include: commitment to causes beyond career, and a propensity for cooperation rather than competition. There may be more tuning to the needs of the group as a whole, rather than to just oneself.
The world needs a ‘woman’s touch’ more than ever before. Women are taking the lead in opposing wars. They are questioning the injustice of poverty, and of skewed development. They are at the forefront of struggles to save the earth, and to protect children from disease and death. For they know the pain of suffering in flesh, and the great blessing of human contentment when human needs are fulfilled. They know that flesh and spirit are intimately connected—that spirit is immanent in the flesh. 

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