November 16, 2012

We require oxygen to breathe; Evidence is in the experience

If we put aside for the moment religious or philosophical dogma and simply look at the world around us and our position within it, we can see that humanity did not simply “appear” without “context”… Not only is there an obvious continuum here which places the human being squarely in the midst of the evolutionary process of the world, but there is also a clearly symbiotic relationship that makes it impossible for the human being to live without the environment and the other beings in the environment to support, nurture and create the conditions needed for our existence. We require oxygen to breathe, and plants create oxygen. We have beneficial bacteria in our intestines that are important to our digestive process. Our skin creates an essential vitamin from sun rays. The entire creation is One and unified and depends on each part to manifest the whole.

What is it that a nation that once gave key of the supreme knowledge to the whole world has become deaf and dumb, weak and meek? What is it that a nation that first gave the message of sacrifice to the whole world now clings to kill spouse/blood-relations for a flat, a loan? What is it that makes a mother think about the utility/return of the money she is investing in her kid’s education? Is education about “Career” and “Utility” and “medals”? Is life about buying flats? Is intelligence about the art of betraying skillfully and coming out neat? Is competition about dumping others? Is career about medals? Is it for this greed, this indifference, this ignorance, this charlatanism, this megalomania, this narcissism, this filth that you were brought in? Do these questions make you restless, sleepless? What happened to the ideals of love, humanity, universal brotherhood, peace, sacrifice?
The fact, my dear friend, is this that this nation has rotten to the core. Now, it is at the verge of collapse. If at all it is surviving today, it is because of some good deeds of our ancestors and some divine wish… This is nothing but a preface to a series of 4-5 articles that I am to write on “Integral Education System: A Panacea for all ills”. I shall deal about this system of education as conceived by Sri Aurobindo with relevance to today’s needs in details in coming articles. I welcome others too to put their ideas. Regards Mihir Jha

Why should therefore the Ashram Trustees write such an uncouth letter and force the servile and intellectually incompetent Chairman of the Sri Aurobindo Society to publish it in a magazine dedicated to the spreading of Sri Aurobindo’s works? The Chairman also lets the Ashram Trust backstab Helios Books after being paid for the advertisement in the magazine. This is simply not fair! If he really did not believe in the first edition of Savitri, he should not have allowed the advertisement in the first place! But why allow such nasty and spiteful objections after the advertisement has been printed? Or did he yield to this demeaning act because the members of the Society will be deprived of food in the Ashram Dining Room or cinema in the Ashram Playground? I would not be surprised at all if these were the actual mundane considerations which made him allow such a vicious attack! And to think that, in the early days of the Ashram, the first disciples left everything (wife, children, property, name and fame, position and power) for the sake of the spirit! Times have surely changed! …
However, the spineless Chairman of Sri Aurobindo Society and the equally inept and incompetent Management Committee of SAS chose to prostrate themselves in front of the Ashram Trustees, not out of genuine academic consideration but out of fear of losing petty privileges granted to them by the Ashram Trustees! … Good paper and printing is expensive nowadays. Publishers have to make both ends meet even if they don’t want to make profits unlike the highly subsidised editions of the Ashram Trust which floats irresponsibly on the donations of thousands of devotees and disciples of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. If these devotees knew the way things function in Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Sri Aurobindo Society, they would be shocked and stop all further donations. 

Some individuals, including myself, have spontaneously experienced the spiritual reality and did not relate it to any faith. To receive guidance from a guru and/or apply yogic discipline to come to the realization of the spiritual state is a necessity although there might be exceptions whose inner development happens by destiny. Well you do not see evidence but others do. Your poise is – if I cannot see it then it does not exist- while conveniently ignoring that others see/experience it and know. In the end it is a matter of knowing not believing. Again the evidence is in the experience. And, such individuals do contribute in making the world a better place as they guide others to attain a consciousness and the realization of it that takes them out of ignorance. That is quite a change in the world and definitely has an affect on others.
You are right about what is happening with the fundamentalist and religious movement at the Ashram, there is no evidence that it is based on the inner experience of Divinity. Hence my essay.

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