November 23, 2012

Arvind Kejriwal's New Party on Sri Aurobindo’s Siddhi Day

Best Wishes to Kejriwal by Tusar N. Mohapatra
Tweets 16m Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty Our last hope & prayer 12 hours before founding of @ArvindKejriwal7's New Party & First NC meeting: Sri Aurobindo's Five Dreams #SiddhiDay 40m - @ArvindKejriwal7 It's hoped that Sri Aurobindo's ideals finds a mention in New Party's guiding principles tomorrow. Best Wishes. #SiddhiDay  View conversation 1h - @kirankhurana Good sign as 24 November is celebrated as Sri Aurobindo’s #SiddhiDay all over the world.  View conversation
5h Yoga is quest for Truth, Good, and Beauty and conquest over Death. Sri Aurobindo synthesizes the sacred and the secular …
5h Sri Aurobindo gives a collective element to spiritual quest. (24 November is celebrated as Sri Aurobindo’s Siddhi Day) …
16h The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have enjoined upon the people of India & persons of Indian origin to carry their message to all corners of world.
17h The Mother & Sri Aurobindo secured a synthesis of two world cultures aimed towards a mankind of light and might, of concord and sublimity.

Sri Aurobindo, Bergson, Levinas, Ricoeur - Taking Spirituality Seriously Laszlo Zsolnai Business Ethics Center Budapest University of Economic Sciences
S.K. Chakraborty adds that spirit and spirituality mean acceptance of the principle that all beings, especially human beings, are, in essence, something superior to, more unconditioned and permanent than the “body-life-mind” combination. The faltering, clumsy, purblind, unstable body-life-mind triad is an unjust and erroneous framework from the ontological viewpoint…
Chakraborty further argues that spirituality cannot be asked to prove its credentials before the tribunal of economic growth, enterprise bottom line, shareholder value and the like. Rather, it is technology, economics, business and their cohorts that must pass the test of Spirituality. Spirituality has to be the remedy for the growing malignancy in our material affairs. 6:25 PM Tuesday, January 24, 2006

18 Nov Steven Shaviro @shaviro I accept the parts of Deleuze that stem from Bergson, Spinoza, Leibniz, & Kant, but reject the parts that stem from Nietzsche & Hume.

Anonymous 7:21 AM, October 29, 2012 This essay isn't literal. Britt is using sarcastic humor and hyperboles to get a point across. The people who get mad at this essay aren't neat people. They are people who don't get sarcasm. Educate yourself with sarcasm, people. It's hilarious humor if you get it.

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  1. So we have got one more political party to vote, if you desire. And hope that this also will not become one more party with so many leaders fighting for each other.