December 26, 2009

Growth of allegiance beyond frontiers

Hinterlands and horizons: excursions in search of amity 

by Margaret Chatterjee - 2002 - In Sri Aurobindo’s thought, the rhetoric of brotherhood features in his working out of the metamorphosis in consciousness which he himself advocated. This included a sense of connection with, and within, both the human and non-human world, the legitimation of the national idea, and, eventually, as a future agenda, the growth of allegiance beyond frontiers. The goal of what he calls a deeper brotherhood is the central theme of his book The Ideal of Human Unity. In his own idiom, what Sri Aurobindo suggests is the bringing about of transformed tendencies of living which result in the "divinization” of life. […] 

Indeed Sri Aurobindo, like Vivekananda, combines mining ancient thought along with grafting elements of modernism and is untouched by the Christian framework of ideas. His rejection of the Samkhyan strict dualism of purusa (spirit) and prakriti (nature) enables him to work out a view of evolution uniquely his own. Integral yoga provides him with a soulforce transformative of both the individual and society. hinterlands and horizons: excursions in search of amity (global encounters) margaret chatterjee 
patterns of the present Georges Van Vrekhem 

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