December 31, 2009

Roger Anger – Research on Beauty – By Anupama Kundoo

Michel Foucault: Technologies of Self  ... Posthuman Destinies 
By rcarlson  There is precious little research that has been done in attempting to contextualize the inner technologies and care of the self discourse of Foucault in terms of Eastern practices of meditation and yogic sadhana. Similarly, Sri Aurobino’s integral yoga has been for far too long contextualized in the West as solely a metaphysical teaching from the mystic East that its larger social context – which can serve as a future oriented inner technology of the self whose chief concern is individual freedom – has been obscured to the post-metaphysical thinking of the Academy. 
Roger Anger – Research on Beauty – Architecture 1953-2008

By Anupama Kundoo. Published by Jovis Verlag GmbH, Germany. ISBN 978-3-86859-006-7. Available from Freeland. Price in India Rs 1600. Doubtless, it was because of The Mother. While a quarter of the book deals with Roger’s architecture in Auroville, one looks in vain to find something from Roger on his lifechanging interaction with The Mother, or on the content of Her discussions with him on Auroville. One reason for this might be that Roger would not talk about his experiences with The Mother, except when explicitly asked. But it also seems that it wasn’t the purpose of the author to go beyond Roger’s architecture and urban visions into his spiritual side. 
D. Perumal from Kottakarai village made Auroville his home from childhood onwards. In the early years of Auroville he roughed it out in many different communities, always ready to contribute with hard, honest work and never shied away from hands-on work. Over the years he grew to love mechanics – he worked with the Auroville Water Service for many years, helped Gilles put together water speedboats and dedicated three years working at the Matrimandir, finishing the spiral staircase amongst other things.
Narayan, who lived in Shanti near the Matrimandir, passed away on October 26. He was 89 years old. Narayan first came to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in 1950. Circumstances called him back to his home in Bihar. When he returned in the early seventies, The Mother directed him to Auroville where he stayed ever since. He is remembered as a feisty, determined and devoted worker who, with his wife Bhavani at his side, dedicated himself to the Matrimandir and its area.

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