December 24, 2009

Plato, Dante, Jung and Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo: A biography and a history‎ K. R. Srinivasa Iyengar 

The political philosophy of Sri Aurobindo Vishwanath Prasad Varma

Sri Aurobindo and the Indian renaissance Gollapalli Nagabhushana Sarma

Sri Aurobindo and the theories of evolution;: A critical and comparative study of the Indian and western theories of evolution Rama Shanker Srivastava

Tradition and the Rhetoric of Right: Popular Political Argument in the Aurobindo Movement David J. Lorenzo

Sri Aurobindo and Bergson: a synthetic study Abhoy Chandra Bhattacharya 

Sri Aurobindo and Iqbal: A comparative study of their philosophy‎ M. Rafique

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