December 28, 2009

Inner Man, human destiny, and creative living

Quest for the Inner Man Joseph Vrinte 
Integral Movement: Integral Movement. Integral yoga, California Institute of Integral Studies, Spiritual evolution, Integral psychology, Integral ecology, ... Post-postmodernism, Quantum mysticism 
Transcendence and Transformation: Writings from the California Institute of Integral Studies Vern Haddick 
REVELATIONS: an anthology of spiritual artwork, poetry and prose by Students from the California Institute of Integral Studies 
Integral yoga;: The concept of harmonious and creative living Haridas Chaudhuri
Beyond religion, cosmos is one family: Address at the Parliament of the World's Religions, Chicago, 2 September, 1993 V Madhusudan Reddy 
Meta-history: The unfoldment and fulfilment of human destiny V Madhusudan Reddy Footnotes to the Future
Meditations on the Mother V Madhusudan Reddy The alchemy of her grace: Grateful reminiscences
Purushottama yoga: London talks on " The life divine " V Madhusudan Reddy 
Celebration Future: The Next Millenium V Madhusudan Reddy Savitri: Epic of the Eternal
Yoga of the rishis: The Upanishadic approach to death and immortality V Madhusudan Reddy 
Seven studies in Sri Aurobindo V Madhusudan Reddy Sri Aurobindo's philosophy of evolution
Introducing mankind on the march: The movement; an evolutionary history of human civilisation and a vision of man's destiny 
Sri Aurobindo: The supramental avatar V Madhusudan Reddy Values and value theories in the light of Sri Aurobindo
Champaklal, lion of light and love V Madhusudan Reddy 
The Vedic epiphany, an exposition and celebration of the inaugural dawn in the light of Sri Aurobindo

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