December 30, 2009

Seeing, Hearing and Touch, & their counterparts Thinking, Speaking and Feeling

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Our Online Education Center is in progress...
As of now, the following four courses are being offered in study-group format in Auroville, which will soon become available also as online courses.

  • Introduction to the Vedic Studies in the light of Sri Aurobindo by Vladimir.
  • The Philosophy of Evolution (in two parts) by Rod Hemsell.
  • The Poetry of Sri Aurobindo by Rod Hemsell.
  • Philosophy of Language by Vladimir.
  • If we examine the faculties of our cognitive consciousness we will find that there are only a few fundamental faculties, as in the field of the Humanities there are only a few fundamental subjects. What determines this limited number of faculties and subjects is the very nature of our cognitive consciousness - that is we have only three accesses to reality: Seeing, Hearing and Touch, with their active counterparts Thinking, Speaking and Feeling.

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