December 01, 2006

If Sri Aurobindo and Mother are Avatars

Re: Derrida, Death and Forgiveness by Andrew J. McKenna by Rich on Thu 16 Nov 2006 10:00 AM PST Profile Permanent Link If I may add to Rakesh's comment regards the stooping into creation of the paraprakriti and the defeat of the purpose of avatarhood. If I can rephrase it as follows:
If Sri Aurobindo and Mother are Avatars and were not simply human beings, who by personal effort and the calling down of grace advanced to vanguard of the evolution of humanity, and opening it to the possibility of supramentalization, but in fact had to be partly divine (Avatars) from the start to do this, then this does call into serious question the whole project of the ability of humanity to evolve into super-humanity. I guess we can entertain metaphysical discussions on the subtle differences of avatarhood to solve this problem in that direction, but if we are dealing with the transformation of the physical and the evolution of humanity, which has to be accomplished by members of the humans species, then to my mind such considerations will skillfully manage to avoid the contradictions implied by deifying Sri Aurobindo and Mother Rich

by rakesh on Wed 15 Nov 2006 08:34 PM PST Profile Permanent Link one more question We know that at the transendental level that there does not exist any separate purusha or prakruti but both are united as one. We cannot describe them as separate. That is the purushottama, the transcendental divine. If that purushottama is in the heart of every human being as the soul does it also not mean that that purushottama has both the qualities of purusha and paraprakruti together and working in all beings to uplift them from obscure matter or lower prakruti?

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