December 04, 2006

There are other known and unknown travellers also

Re: Techno-Capitalism and Post-Human Destinies - I by RY Deshpande on Mon 04 Dec 2006 02:05 AM PST Profile Permanent Link
I take in the Synthesis-passage the tools mentioned in it as suggestive of the scientific methodology of investigating the physical world. Our telescope is too small to see the universe in its dimensions of infinity; our microscope is too large to see the finer than the fine—to use the Upanishadic phrase; our instruments of studying life have no sensitivity to detect the process of decay-disintegration-death of life-in-matter. Howsoever refined our tools might become and whatever subtler truths about the physical we might reach, they still remain too gross. Knowledge based on such investigations carries certain kind of value, but carrying it beyond its domain could amount to making a leap. The journey of the evolution of consciousness is made not only by reason, but there are other known and unknown travellers also.

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