December 23, 2006

In order to repair the fall of these four beings

The Vedic Vision and the Triple Transformation
by Vladimir on Fri 22 Dec 2006 04:53 AM PST Permanent Link
There are many myths in the Veda which describe the Beginning of Creation from different angles or stages. Some of them start with the description of the Supreme Person, Atman, Self, 4 others - of the Impersonal Spirit, Brahman,5 some start from Nothingness or Darkness,6 which they call “night”, ratri-, or apas, apraketam salilam7, “dark waters”, or sometimes as mrityu ,8 “death”, etc., etc. They all refer to different stages of Creation, where Darkness or Nothingness was depicted as our beginning, but not as our Origin. We can easily reconcile these myths, knowing that Darkness was the result of the Fall of the Supreme Light, (Involution):...
According to the Mother’s story of Creation, told to the children of the Ashram, at the beginning there were four Divine Beings emanated from the Supreme: Consciousness in Light, Bliss, Truth and Life.
After deciding to be independent from the Supreme, they fell into their opposites.
Light gradually turned into a complete Darkness,
Bliss turned into Suffering,
Truth turned into Falsehood,
Life turned into Death. 16

Darkness is therefore nothing but Light carried out by Power without Knowledge of the Supreme, just as Suffering is Bliss, Falsehood is Truth, and Death is Life, carried out by Power without Knowledge of the Supreme...
In the Mother’s story, in order to repair the fall of these four beings, the Supreme Mother, Aditi, delegated out of herself the force of Love which has plunged into darkness of the first Creation. That’s why Sri Aurobindo calls it a Holocaust of the Divine Mother.

"In the Vedas it is Agni, the Divine Will,19 the first Avatar, who lay down and hid himself within the darkness: the Immortal among Mortals. He is the Will of the Godhead, the Divine Purusha, the Lord, the Conscious Soul; it is because of his presence that everyone is evolving, seeking after the higher knowledge of the Supreme."

From this point onward the Evolution starts to takes place.
“A soul of the Divine is here slowly awaking out of its involution and concealment in the material Inconscience.”20 - says Sri Aurobindo in The Synthesis of Yoga.
So, actually there were two Creations (Involutions) before the Evolution could take place: first, out of Himself he created the worlds, and then he entered them, plunging into the darkness and lying down at the bottom of the Inconscient...
These two involutions created a double process of evolution: of the body and the soul; and thus - the whole hierarchy of Consciousness...
When Sri Aurobindo realized the Supramental Consciousness he did not see any possibility to connect it to the earthly life. There was a gap, an abyss between them, and nothing seemed to be able to connect them. It was only when the Mother arrived that he saw the link, the Golden Bridge, and his Sadhana has changed quite considerably. He saw that the psychic being, a growing divinity in man, was the Key to the whole evolution, a Lord to Be. This chaitya-purusha, or angushtha-matra-purusha28 in the cave of the heart hridi guhayam, which was well known in the Indian spiritual tradition, was seriously underestimated. It may be because of predominant concentration on the spiritual powers and personalities like Gods and Goddesses or because of other spiritual experiences and realizations like Nirvana, Dhyana, Samadhi. Whatever the reason, the utility of the psychic being was not clearly seen or understood, which has a unique characteristic: it belongs to, develops and grows only on earth, in the physical body.
In a letter to a sadhak, Sri Aurobindo through Amrita-da explains that he and the Mother represent one consciousness in two bodies. He represents the spiritual consciousness, acting from above the head over the mental and vital consciousness, whereas the Mother represents the psychic consciousness, acting from within the heart on the vital and physical plane. And for the Integral Yoga both these influences are necessary.29 ...
In the past the spiritual life was possible only by excluding matter because the utility and the purpose of Chaitya Purusha was not fully understood, and most probably it could not be otherwise, for it was only with the Mother’s coming that its purpose and importance became completely clear and the transformation of the body became possible. The Psychic Being, the Individual Supreme, is a future Lord of this Creation. It is he, who is to evolve and to take into his hands the whole of Nature. Thus the Supramental Manifestation can be understood as the Third or a New Creation...
Thus the Psychic being is the key to the whole evolution. It has to be discovered and brought forward. It has to be enlarged and strengthened by the spiritual transformation of all its instrumentations of mind, vital and body. It has to be enthroned as the Lord of the Universe by the Supramental transformation and, by entering into the realms of the Supreme Transcendental Ananda, it should bring down the higher laws of the Divine Existence into the earthly life of man.
16 Questions and Answers 16 October 1957, CWM Vol. 9 p. 205-6. Referring to a very ancient tradition underlying the Vedic knowledge, the Mother told this story in her own way on several occasions, each time warning that it should not be taken too literally or too dogmatically, but simply as a story.
27 Mother in her Conversations explains that Vedic Rishis were “involutionary beings”, (MCW, vol.7, p. 355) who brought down the Vedic truths for us to evolve towards. She even says that there was no yet psychic being fully developed in the times of Vedas. ( see: Mother’s Agenda, September 26, 1962)

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