December 31, 2006

A Spiritual Biography of Savitri

Re: "The Ideal We Must Keep Before Us" -- The Mother's Talk
by RY Deshpande on Fri 29 Dec 2006 02:42 AM PST Profile Permanent Link
In Savitri we have the perfect description of human destinies and the fulfilment that come to them. It occurs in the Book of Love with Satyavan making advances towards Savitri. They have met on the chance road of time and instantly fallen in love with each other. The God saw that it did happen in the Shalwa wilderness where would also occur the Death of Satyavan exactly one year hence, that post-human destinies start arriving.
Satyavan speaks first to Savitri, that the mystery of Time remains unknown to us; but somehow something happened and, out of its silence, there she is standing in front of him. What was all along asleep in him has suddenly awoken. He was always alert to the deep promptings of the earth, and nothing remained hid from his sight, a state in which human destinies were active in him. But now here is she who speaks to him far more than all he was used to hear. The message of the future, the realisation of its prospects starts guiding him now. The possibilities of the earth are going to be extended by her, she coming on the scene, and there is the loving and joyous recognition of it.
The one who was standing in front of him seemed to him a damsel coming from heaven, radiant and beautiful. Yet there was also a mortal sweetness smiling between those lids. Satyavan introduces himself to Savitri and tells her that, during all these youthful years, he was ever happy, happy with things, and that he lived contented. But she has come and, very paradoxically, that contentment has gone. A prince though, he was an exile in the forest; but great Nature gave him everything. There he enjoyed the intimacy of infant God, of the early life. That was his palace and the birds and beasts and trees and the rivers and the mountains were his youthful and enthusiastic companions and educators. He says; I lay in the wide bare embrace of heaven…
Satyavan becomes ecstatic and tells about the kind of things he learnt in the forest...Although all these days it was just a common life, and although there were glimpses of the deeper self, and even thought was perceptive to truth, there was the secret groping for the Mystery of this existence. He could not live the truth the word spoke and thought.
Satyavan is the evolving soul of the earth and his destinies are the human destinies; but they remain incomplete, as if there is something intrinsically lacking in them, and the higher power alone can bring perfection to them, the perfection of post-human destinies through the work of the incarnate Savitri. RYD
by RY Deshpande on Sat 30 Dec 2006 02:47 AM PST Profile Permanent Link
Dear Ron Yes, Debashish is here presently, in Puducherry. I met him suddenly a few days ago in the Dining Room. He says that he will be here for a few more days. And, as you inform, Rich is now on way to India. I believe he will be here up to the third week of January. But surely they are scrolling down the posts and getting some general idea of what is happening in the forum. They will have to catch up with all this when they get back to ‘work’. We can wait until their return.
Reg. your Savitri query. No, I don’t think anyone has presented the whole of Savitri with the bold captions as are here. Madhav Pandit has done something but in a different manner. I don’t know whether you are aware of Savitri in 20 Minutes by William Netter. It has a canto on each right page with the Mother’s eyes looking into ours. The canto is described just in a few succinct phrases. I have a book The Birth of Savitŗ published by the Sri Aurobindo Center of Los Angeles, East-West Cultural Center, LA, and has a forward by Debashish himself. Each canto is presented in a twelve-line poem and a paragraph in prose. If you wish, you could request Debashish to post his preface on the site here.
But more important is the presentation of the spiritual biography of Savitri as we have in Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri. This was serialised in Mother India for a number of years and covers everything related with Savitri as given in the epic. Each instalment had about 75 lines with appropriate titles given to them. I wonder, if you would like to start it on the sciy forum, with weekly instalments, each running into 30-40 lines. This can be made open for comments, queries, clarifications. I am giving one sample in the following, the passage broken up into paragraph-sentences. Please have a look at it and let me know. We can start the new section with the New Year, 1st January 2007. If you like the idea, I will prepare an appropriate preface. If it is ok please make available a suitable category. RYD

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