December 02, 2006

Subtler truths about the physical

Re: Techno-Capitalism and Post-Human Destinies - I by RY Deshpande on Sat 02 Dec 2006 07:35 AM PST Profile Permanent Link At this point I will just give a quotation from the Synthesis of Yoga:
The telescope, the microscope, the scalpel, the retort and alembic cannot go beyond the physical, although they may arrive at subtler and subtler truths about the physical. If then we confine ourselves to what the senses and their physical aids reveal to us and refuse from the beginning to admit any other reality or any other means of knowledge, we are obliged to conclude that nothing is real except the physical and that there is no Self in us or in the universe, no God within and without, no ourselves even except this aggregate of brain, nerves and body. But this we are only obliged to conclude because we have assumed it firmly from the beginning and therefore cannot but circle round to our original assumption.

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