March 11, 2008

AuroMa-sons: Albless et al

1931;Adhar Chandra Das;Sri Aurobindo on the methods of knowledge;Calcutta Review 39, 1931
1934;Adhar Chandra Das;Sri Aurobindo and the future of mankind;The University of Calcutta, 1934.- xvii, 130 p.
1941;Sisir Kumar Maitra;The philosophy of Sri Aurobindo ;Prabuddha Bharata March, 1941
1941;Sisir Kumar Maitra;The supermind and the psychic being;Prabuddha Bharata May, 1941
1941;Sisir Kumar Maitra;The descent or involution;Prabuddha Bharata June, 1941
1941;Sisir Kumar Maitra;An Introduction to the Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo;Culture Publications, Calcutta 1941
1942;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Sri Aurobindo and Bergson ;Sri Aurobindo Mandir 1942 )
1942;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Sri Aurobindo's conception of intuition;Prabuddha Bharata no.47, 1942.
1944;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Sri Aurobindo and the Problem of Evil;Sri Aurobindo Mandir 1944
1945;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Sri Aurobindo and Nicolai Hartmann;Sri Aurobindo Mandir 1945
1945;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Nature and Function of Thought in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy.
;The Advent Nov 1945
1946;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Sri Aurobindo and Hegel;Sri Aurobindo Mandir 1946
1946;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Is Sri Aurobindo a Mystic?;The Advent August 1946
1946;Adhar Chandra Das;Bergson and Sri Aurobindo on grades of intuition;Calcutta Review 100, 1946
1947;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Sri Aurobindo and Plotinus;Sri Aurobindo Mandir 1947
1948;S.R. Albless;Rebirth in Sri Aurobindo’s vision;Sri Aurobindo Circle 1948, 1949
1948;Adhar Chandra Das;Sri Aurobindo’s theory of intuition;Calcutta Review 107, 1948
1950;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Sri Aurobindo and Plato;Sri Aurobindo Mandir 1950
1951;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Sri Aurobindo's Vision of the Future;Sri Aurobindo Mandir 1951
1951;Adhar Chandra Das;Sri Aurobindo’s theory of sixth sense;Hibbert Jr. 49, 1951
1952;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Sri Aurobindo and Goethe;Sri Aurobindo Mandir 1952
1953;S.R. Albless;God and man;Mother India Dec, 1953
1954;S.R. Albless;Sri Aurobindo’s problem and its solution;Mother India Feb, 1954
1955;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Sri Aurobindo and Whitehead;Sri Aurobindo Mandir 1955
1956;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Meeting of East and West in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy
;Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry, 1956
1958;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Outlines of an Emergent Theory of Values;Contemporary Indian Philosophy, Ed. By S. Radhakrishnan and J.H.Muirhead, GA&UL - 1936/1958
1960;Sisir Kumar Maitra;Sri Aurobindo and Spengler: integral and the pluralistic philosophies of history;H. Chaudhuri and F. Spiegelberg (eds.), The Integral Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. George Allen & Unwin, London 1960

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