March 23, 2008

Often agonizing, often ecstatic, and generally both simultaneously

Re: “I was facing a huge golden door…”—to keep the contact with Matter RY Deshpande Sat 22 Mar 2008 02:29 AM PDT

Apropos of the Mother’s work of physical transformation, Georges van Vrekhem writes:

“… the transformation process in the Mother’s body, which was representative of the Earth, went on. The connection, the bridge, the link between the supramental world and our material world was being established in her. Her body was no longer a personal body belonging to somebody known and seen as being the Mother; this, she said, was only an appearance kept up to maintain the contact with the people around her and with all who belonged to the Work. It was still there pour toucher de Matière, to keep the contact with Matter. For Matter itself had to be transformed in order to render it suitable to serve as part of the ādhāra [support] of the supramental body, all this, and more, was going on in that apparently very aged body, now ninety and more years old. A summary description of her body’s transformation looks very abstract, but the actual process in the Mother was very concrete, experiential, often agonizing, often ecstatic, and generally both simultaneously.” (The Mother, pp. 508-09)

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