March 30, 2008

One can only be wholly disappointed that the opportunity has been missed by so called integral /theories/methods

Re: At the ends of Man: Sri Aurobindo and Michel Foucault
by Rich on Sat 29 Mar 2008 09:21 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link

Since my attempt is to trace certain affinities in genealogies which both Sri Aurobindo and Foucault share with the hope of excavating in the discontinuities between them, certain rhizomes of thought which connect across cultures (east and west), epistemes (modernism and post modernist) and the multiplicity of paths which spiral out of the chasm of man may toward superman

However, I do not want to close off the possibility of experiential practices that spring from different traditions other than IY, providing a way forward from out the ruins of rational certainty. Much can be gained from the meditative, contemplative, and alternative ways of knowing of the world given to us by other authentic traditions. However, with regard to future epochs or the overcoming of man, Sri Aurobindo's practice of Integral Yoga does is most specific in its attempts to transform human nature by its self-exceeding of the entire organism, mind, body, heart.

Of course one must also mention the necessary caveats in these various forms of meditative practices which stem from traditions which by in large have been institutionalized in theocracies power regimes and hence the scaffolding of their experiential practices by the metaphysical artifice of religion. Unfortunately, this has also been the fate of locating Integral Yoga in a specific institution or Utopian community e.g. an Ashram or an Auroville.

Regards the possibility of other so called integral /theories/methods providing a way out of the existential void at the end of modernism, specifically in the post-Ken Wilber/Spiral Dynamics era, one can only be wholly disappointed that the opportunity has been missed. Ironically contemporary integral theorist dismiss post modernism and boast their theories already include but transcend it, yet begin constructing their own with the same totalizing ideological structures which the post-structuralist have just succeeded in demolishing. e.g. The ALQDS model which is the transcendental signified of Integral Theory.

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