March 17, 2008

The University of Human Unity is an innovative alternative genre of university

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Body Awareness Seminar Cancelled
Introductory Courses in Indian Psychology
SACAR Recognized for Ph.D Degree
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The Five Psychological Perfections
The Intention Experiment
On Deconstruction and Seeing/Hearing the International Zone (Auroville)
International Education, Auroville and the Ideal of Human Unity
Introduction to the Linguistic Approach
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The Socratic Bifurcation - Sri Aurobindo and Ancient Greece
Georges draws a map
An Ancient Map?
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Recent Additions to the Library Beauty and Harmony Shyam Kumari
Deconstruction James E. Faulconer
Integral Approach to Knowledge in Vedanta, Part 2 Vladimir
On Deconstruction and Seeing/Hearing the International Zone (Auroville) Rod Hemsell
A Positive Revolution in Change: Appreciative Inquiry David L. Cooperrider; Diana Whitney
Introduction to University of Human Unity Rudy
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The Socratic Bifurcation: Sri Aurobindo and Ancient Greece 08.03.08
The Glorious Body - Discussion 01.03.08
The Glorious Body with Mikael 01.03.08
Exploring the Future of UHU Part II 23.2.08
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Food for Thought
"Yoga is nothing but practical Psychology"
— Sri Aurobindo
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Studies of Upanishads in the light of Sri Aurobindo, at Savitri Bhavan.
19 Mar 2008 - 4:00pm
Orientation to the Multifacted Genius of Sri Aurobindo
20 Apr 2008 - 8:48am
Introductory Course in Indian Psychology (Pondy/Delhi)
25 May 2008 - 12:00pm
Introductory Courses in Indian Psychology (Pondy)
15 Jun 2008 - 12:00am
Yoga of Divine Love
1 Oct 2008 - 8:59am
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Allied Organisations
The University of Human Unity is connected with a wide variety of organizations for exploration and discovery of a new consciousness through integral studies in all areas of human knowledge:
California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) - California, US
Centre for International Research in Human Unity (CIRHU) - Auroville, India
Centre for Scientific Research (CSR) - Auroville, India Esalen Institute - California, US
Indian Psychology Institute (IPI) - Pudicherry, India
International Zone Group (IZ) - Auroville, India
Laboratory for Evolution (LOE) - Auroville, India
Living Routes - Massachusetts, US
Savitri Bhavan - Auroville, India
Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR) - Pudicherry, India
Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Education and Research (SAIIER) - Auroville, India
Unity Pavilion - Auroville, India
Verite Integral Learning Centre (ILC) - Auroville, India Winter Integral Studies Program (WISP) - Auroville, India
WorldShift University, Club of Budapest
The University of Human Unity welcomes all units and individuals in Auroville who are actively engaged in research and higher learning, as well as kindred individuals and organisations around the world to join with us in this process of discovery.

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