March 01, 2008

A world order based on peace, fellowship and commonalities of diverse faiths

Chennaionline EDITORIAL The Eternal Hope
If mankind is to survive on the globe, we have to meet and overcome the challenges posed by the forces of disharmony and disaffection. It is towards this end that the great experiment, Auroville was conceptualized by the Mother forty years back. Sri Aurobindo’s concept of devasanghas is also a powerful thought that brings in the ultimate unity of humanism. He dreamt of spiritual communities that will ultimately coalesce into a universal Gnostic society .

During the forty years, what has Auroville achieved? It has proved, if proof were necessary, beyond any element of doubt that right thinking people from different cultural backgrounds around the world can together lead a harmonious life. As our Prime Minister has said, it has emerged as an important institution inspiring generations of people to establish a world order based on peace, fellowship and commonalities of diverse faiths. This itself is a physical manifestation of Sri Aurobindo’s vision.

Even wars are born in the minds of men, they say. True. And if noble thoughts like the one which Aurobindo’s mind created were to be born, the world would certainly be a better place to live in. His vision was that such a community should pervade the entire world. In order to achieve that goal, which is still a far cry, we should all strive hard ceaselessly. It is an unending effort. Into that heaven upon this earth, my Father, let my world awake!!!!!
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