April 08, 2008

C. S. Lewis currently ranked: 100; Sri Aurobindo: 835 is an ambitious - yet necessary - attempt to classify and rank every man of stature in the history of the universe. 2 entries tagged: scholar
C. S. Lewis currently ranked: 100
Sri Aurobindo currently ranked: 835
3 entries tagged: mystic
Sri Aurobindo currently ranked: 835
Rasputin currently ranked: 1411
Aleister Crowley currently ranked: 1612

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1 comment:

  1. Its very sad when a second rate left brained, and therefore entirely reductionist, god-botherer like Lewis is much much higher than the yogic Realizer Sri Aurobindo, whose philosophy was/is much more profound and comprehensive than anything Lewis ever wrote.

    Lewis is easily the most over-rated "philosopher". And sad to say very influential.