April 04, 2008

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Consciousness Studies

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What Is New?

January 22, 2008
0ver 120 abstracts of papers presented at the National Seminar on Indian Psychology: Theories and Models have been posted on the web at They have also been integrated with the themes and authors pages of the ipi website.
All pages directly related to the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have been shifted to the website of the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Consciousness Studies, . The texts of two booklets on Integral Psychology have been added to this same website. They can be found here.
September 23, 2007
The names of all directories and webpages have been made lowercase. This may cause temporary inconvenience, as uppercase links from other websites may not function any more, but it should improve its functioning in the long run.
The website of the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Consciousness Studies, which had not been maintained for a long time, has now been integrated fully with the website of the Indian Psychology Institute.

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