April 01, 2008

Key to understand Hindu idea of how disparate Gods can be "one"

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Keshav wrote:
It is, however, logically fallacious to say that "All Gods are One". It simply isn't true.

Qualify this with saying that all "real Gods" share an identity as aspects of the same supreme Godhead. But there are many people who call some entities "Gods" who qualify in their attributes to be called "Asuras". Those so called Gods can't be equated with the real Gods.

Sri Aurobindo mentioned that the divine-personalities DO EXIST, and that there are Gods on all planes of existence and consciousness. The great Gods of Hnduism belong to a so called "Overmind" plane of consciousness, where they appear as separate personalities, but appear as aspects of one Godhead in the Supermind plane. Asuras and undivine personalities have no facility in higher planes of consciousness such as the "Overmind" or the "Supermind". They are confined to lower planes primarily mental-vital.

He also mentioned that even though Gods appear as different personalities in "Overmind" with independent action, there is not likely to be any strife amongst them, since they are stationed in truth and are essentially aspects of a single divine. This is the key to understand Hindu idea of how disparate Gods can be "one".

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