April 21, 2008

Sri Aurobindo has packed the whole universe in a single book. It is his epic ‘Savitri'

Become all - knowing and omnipotent
-Nirmal Chandra Sahu, Pondicerry. In Mother’s Light - Nov-04.pdf

Sri Aurobindo has packed the whole universe in a single book. It is His epic ‘Savitri". Each line of the poem is a thing by itself – a mantra. Let us make a humble effort to unpack something from a few lines, possibly related to the subject. We do not know about other worlds but, "Earth is the chosen place of mightiest souls; Earth is the heroic spirit’s battle field, The forge where the Arch-mason shapes his works." (P-686)

What is His work of works? He Wills to illumine common acts with Spirit’s ray and to meet the deity in common things. He Wills that "Nature shall live to manifest secret God." And "Spirit to take up the human play." Culminating all "This earthly life become the life divine." (P-711) Life Divine is the Supreme result. The Supreme Mother is the Consciousness and Force of the Divine – the transforming Shakti who has descended to workout the Divine Will in Time. She obeyed the Timeless Will and is yoked to His Power.

"I yoke thee to my power of work in Time. Now will I do in thee my marvelous Works." (P- 698) God has assured us that "All things shall Change in God’s transfiguring hour." But "If earth calls and the Supreme answers even the hour can be now." Here we do get a marvelous clue that the working out of the Divine Will and Purpose is not something arbitrary, disregarding altogether the human will. Man is not just a puppet of the Divine Will. It is true, our human will can not alter the Divine Will.

It is also true that no other will can take away and no doom change the one inevitable supreme result. But the choice, inclination, aspiration and surrender of human life determined by the cosmic laws :
"Her aspiration called down the higher fate."
"And the road thou chooses is thy fate."
"Man is the key to unlock conscious door."
"A mighty Surrender is all his source of strength."
"A prayer a master act a king idea
Can link man’s strength to transcendent Force."

Thus, the human will can facilitate, accelerate the manifestation of Divine Life upon earth. The human will can identify itself with God’s. When such perfect identification is achieved man can truly become all-knowing and omnipotent.
"If human will could be made one with God’s,
If human thought could echo the thoughts of God;
Man might be all-knowing and omnipotent." (P-457)

Man can also retard the process of manifestation of life divine on earth, at least partly; when he chooses to become an instrument of the hostile power. But fortunately there is co-operation from matter, Nature and man (elite) and wonderful experiences of aspirants suggest,
"A greater destiny waits you in your front." (P-370)
"Even should a hostile force cling to its reign
And claim its right’s perpetual sovereignty
And man refuge his high spiritual fate,
Yet shall the secret Truth in things prevail." (P- 708)

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