July 17, 2016

Emergence is central to a Hayekian understanding of spontaneous order

Youth enlightening programme at GC College - The Sentinel

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SILCHAR, July 16: A youth enlightening programme was organized by Sri Aurobindo Society in collaboration with Career Guidance Cell, Gurucharan College, at the college premises today. The programme began with the chanting of the mantras and a brief meditation session. In his inaugural speech, Dr. Dipankar Kar, head, Department of English and coordinator, (IQAC), Gurucharan College, said, “Such orientation programme refreshes the mind and the soul and adds to the ambience of peace and harmony. The chanting of the mantras fills our heart with joy. In this world of unrest, violence and restlessness, it is necessary to find some peace of mind.” He also expressed gratitude towards the society for selecting Gurucharan College as its centre of such a solemn, divine and pristine programme.
 Dr. Nishikant Patoa, youth-coordinator, SAS, Silchar centre, said, “It is essential to have both physical and mental strength to sustain in this competitive world. It is essential to remain fir and fine so that one can lead a healthy life.” He also said that the aim and objective behind organizing this programme is to inspire the students in finding a definite aim in their life and make them spiritually awakened. It was followed by a PowerPoint presentation that chronicled the life of the great Sri Aurobindo Ghosh. Various other speakers delivered their enlightening lectures on life, value of meditation and on the process of performing meditation.

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World War I - July 1, 1916: Start of the Battle of the Somme, with the greatest number of casualties in British military history, 60,000. July 17, 1916: Western Front: British storm and capture German second line positions on front of 1,500 yards.  Take Waterlot Farm https://t.co/4IBftrhbqK

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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