July 30, 2016

Freedom, world peace, and human rights

Jean-Paul Sartre: The Intellectual Henchman of Tyrants

The intellectuals never tire of talking about freedom, world peace and human rights, but they are hand-in-glove with the worst mass murdering regimes. When you read about their ideas and their extravagant endorsements of the tyrants, you can’t help but ponder how people who are widely regarded as brilliant intellectuals can be so stupid. 

Jean-Paul Sartre in particular is a case-study of the type of intellectual who is a life-long supporter of tyranny. He promoted the farce called existentialism. He was a communist and in bed with the Soviet regime. He even had a role to play in Cambodia’s Khmer Rogue nightmare. [...]
In his essay, “The Heartless Lovers of Mankind,” historian Paul Johnson writes: “The events in Cambodia in the 1970s, in which between one-fifth and one-third of the nation was starved to death or murdered, were entirely the work of a group of intellectuals, who were for the most part  pupils and admirers of Jean-Paul Sartre -- ‘Sartre's Children,’ as I call them.”
(I discuss the Khmer genocide in my article, “Khmer Rouge: The Marxists Who Sacrificed Millions To Establish An Agrarian Utopia.”) [...]
In The Critique of Dialectical Reason, Sartre has denied individualism—he asserts that freedom is only possible when men act collectively and that it is the moral duty of the government to impose collectivism through a reign of terror. 

Spivak's Mahashweta & bengollywogshite

Bhadralok Bengal- the Hindu bildungsburgertum of Bengal- has a long and proud tradition of mass political stupidity and worthless verbiage going hand in hand with  pitiless self-promotion and parodic scholarship.
In earlier Centuries, this immigrant class had prospered purely through comprador cunning and opportunistic venality. However, during the course of the Nineteenth Century, they found themselves attacked for their mendacity and lack of manliness by the very people they most despised- viz. the leaders of their own community- who hoped to earn a pat on the back from their Masters in this manner.
The result was that the ambitious young Bengali felt compelled not just to lie and cheat and run away when threatened, he- or, increasingly, she- felt obliged to lie and cheat and then run away from his or her own class after fucking them over in an irreparable way.
Thus, at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, Young Bengal rallied senselessly against the salutary partition of their Golden Motherland, thus ensuring that the Muslim majority would ethnically cleanse them from a large portion of it once they got the chance with the result that Bengal, and Calcutta, would decline continually thereafter.
The post Independence generation, many now penniless refugees, faced a truly grim existential dilemma. How could they exceed the deeds of those forebears who had so thoroughly undone their own life-chances? What mischief of their own devising could exceed that of Partition? 

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