July 13, 2016

Hyderabad Symposium on Innovation in Education (Dec 11-12, 2016)

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Daily Pioneer-09-Jul-2016
While the book delves deep into Sri Aurobindo's philosophy, I have also incorporated quite a few poems through the course of the narrative. The epilogue too, is ...

A Symposium on ‘Innovative Practices in Education’
Sri Aurobindo International School, Hyderabad welcomes you to a National Symposium on ‘Innovative Practices in Education’ as part of its Golden Jubilee Celebrations.
The world is undergoing fundamental shifts today. Every generation of youth goes through a pattern of education which impacts the growth of a community leaving its tracks of progress, however imperceptible it may be. Be it the changes in the Environment, unprecedented globalization, pervasive use of technology, disruptions in economies or the changing nature of family structures, there is change everywhere. And these changes are throwing up extraordinary challenges; they are also presenting incredible opportunities.
This presents a unique challenge for Educators, since it is the Education System which forms the basis of handling changes in the dynamic world. And these challenges are on two dimensions. While the first is the external dimension requiring changes in curricula, adoption of technology, new pedagogical practices, etc., the second dimension, which is more important, is the internal dimension. This drives attention to the need of preparing future citizens to become compassionate individuals with responsible value systems which not only helps them be in tune with the ever changing world dynamism, but also strengthens them to design a more sustainable world in tune with their inner core. Educationists around the world are innovating on different dimensions. While some innovations are radical departures from the traditional way of schooling, others are incremental changes that accumulate to make a big difference.
Sri Aurobindo International School, Hyderabad has stood for experimentation in generating child centric learning systems through its fifty years of journey of INTEGRAL EDUCATION. [...]
The Symposium will be held over two days December 11 & 12, 2016 in the residential campus spread over green panoramic vistas of nature of New Creation- A Free Progress School at Matridarshan, Champak Hills, Jangaon, Warangal District (two hours from Hyderabad). For all the participants of the seminar, transport from Hyderabad to Jangaon will be arranged.
We invite you to this symposium and take a privilege to host and learn from your vast experience in the field of alternative educational practices. Kindly express your consent regarding your participation through e-mail :symposiumnewcreation@gmail.com
Please find attached the details of the conference and the registration form.
Dr. (Mrs.) Chhalamayi Reddy
Sri Aurobindo International School,

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According to reports, the jumbos had entered into Sri Aurobindo Srikhetra Ashram under Tangi area and moved towards the farm in search of food. However ...

Hinduism: The Faith Eternal
SK Kapoor - 2016
Page 1. O HiN DUISM T H E FAI TH ETE RNA L D R. SAT IS HK KAPO OR 740waita Asfirama. Page 2. HINDUISM THE FAITH ETERNAL Author Dr. Satish K. Kapoor Editor Swami Shuddhidananda (PUBLICATION DEPARTMENT) 5 DEHI ENTALLY ROAD • KOLKATA - 700014 ...

[PDF] Intergenerational theatre in India: a reflective practitioner case study on an intercultural theatre exchange between Canada and rural Tamil Nadu
MJ Gusul - 2016
Page 1. Intergenerational Theatre in India: A Reflective Practitioner Case Study on an Intercultural Theatre Exchange between Canada and Rural Tamil Nadu by Matthew Joseph Gusul BA, Augustana University, 2004 MA, University of Alberta, 2009 ...

[HTML] Quit India Movement
M Dashboard
World Public Library - eBooks.

[PDF] Disciplining as a Human Science
LR Gordon
... These European models are not the entire story, however, as examinations of ideas from Sri Aurobindo in India and Nishitani Keijii in Japan would attest, and the same for thinkers in Africa ranging from Zara Yacob to Kwame Gyekye and VY Mudimbe.16 For our purposes ...

Global Rankings, World-class Universities and Dilemma in Higher Education Policy in India
JBG Tilak - Higher Education for the Future, 2016
... 17B Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi 110 016, India. E-mail: jtilak{at}nuepa.org. Abstract. Global university rankings and world-class universities have become buzzwords almost in every country. Both exercise positive and not-so-positive impact on higher education systems. ...

[PDF] Birth vs Merit. Kerala Temple Priests and the Courts
G Tarabout - Filing Religion. State, Hinduism, and Courts of Law, 2016
... The bulk of K. Ramaswamy's judgment relies on philosophical and theological considerations about what he saw as the fundamentals of religion and of Hinduism, with extensive quotes from Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and former President of India Sarvepalli ...

[HTML] Trevor Leggett
TP Leggett
... Roy died in Stapleton, Bristol four years later. The great orientalist and reformer Sir RG Bhandarkar visited London in 1874. In 1879 Aurobindo came to England as a boy with his two brothers to study, living in Manchester, London ( St. Pau. Leggett (surname). topic. ...
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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