July 28, 2016

Knowledge, pedagogy, and practice

The fundamental intention of the #Bhagavad #Gita is to heal an inner division, writes @hari_ravikumar https://t.co/5AjtsdLa7A
Just because different people view the same thing in different ways doesn’t imply that the subject under consideration is flawed. In the case of the Gita, the very fact that so many people have interpreted it in subtly different ways over time indicates that they have all found the text rather interesting. They have found it worthwhile to spend their time and understand the text in their own way. 
Further, the interpretation of a text doesn’t happen in a vacuum – there is a tradition of interpretation and anyone who has written a classical commentary adheres to the tradition. This is different from the commentary of someone like Gandhi, who interpreted the Gita based on his own whims without a strong grounding in the traditional commentaries (or in Hinduism, for that matter).

Bhagavad-Gita in the Life of Krishna: Introduction - For many of us, Krishna is the epitome of sanatana dharma.... https://t.co/KkuBoTvgYe
Theoretical knowledge is not sufficient for a person to become anacharya. He must acquire knowledge (praptisangraha), he must understand pedagogy (paddhativyavasthapana), and he must practice the message (jivananvayaanushthana). This is the reason why an acharya’s words can be taken as truth. Their words truly have value.

[PDF] Conceptual Input of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives With respect to Bhagavad-Gita's Teachings
PS Srivastava - IJAR, 2016
... so William von Humboldt described it. ……. Even the leaders of thought and action of the present day - Tilak, Aurobindo Ghose, Gandhi - have written on it, each giving his own interpretation. There is much that is metaphysical ...

... on this planet. Revered philosopher Sri Aurobindo has stated,“Spirituality is indeed the master key of the Indian mind; the sense of the infinitive is native to it”. Spiritual practices are those actions that lead to spirituality. It is possible ...

[HTML] Arya Samaj
A Samaj
... Denouncing the idolatry and ritualistic worship prevalent in Hinduism at the time, he worked towards reviving Vedic ideologies. Subsequently the philosopher and President of India , S. Radhakrishnan , called him one of the "makers of Modern India," as did Sri Aurobindo . ...

Sri Aurobindo gave a symbolic interpretation of Rig Veda pertaining to higher zones of consciousness. Further, he tried to fit disparate ideas into a neat Ontological framework. Vedic metaphors have their own poetic/taxonomic value but finally they have to be understood in terms of how Sri Aurobindo explains them, for convenience's sake. [TNM55]

Second phase Plus II cut-off list out in Odisha

Odisha Sun Times-18 hours ago
Similarly, Sri Aurobindo College in Angul topped the cut-off mark list in Commerce stream with 80.50 percent. The BJB Junior College is at second spot with 80 ...

How The History Of India's Freedom Struggle Has Been Distorted By ...

It was not only Savarkar but others too, like Barindra Kumar Ghosh (Barin) – SriAurobindo's younger brother – and Ullaskar Dutt, who were accused in the ...

Poetry | Joy Roy Choudhury's Web Log

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1 day ago - Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry, 1917. Who in the Sun-capped Vast cradles his birth: Hiranyagarbha, author of thoughts ...

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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