July 01, 2016

Sri Aurobindo and Ambedkar rejected the idea of Aryan race

Thanks Arvanidan. I think much more than a countering Devadutt Pattnaiks article, you have effectively put together a solid case against the AIT/AMT from 3 different perspectives - the RSS, Aurobindo and Babasaheb Ambedkar in a very short article. Kudos for that. What I still don't understand is that in spite of all the evidence thrown up by genetics and new archeological evidences people like DP still hold steadfast to a theory that should have flushed straight down the drain a long time ago.

Aravindan Neelakandan - June 27, 2016
Sri Aurobindo and Dr BR Ambedkar emphatically rejected the very idea of ‘Aryan’ race.
Sri Aurobindo warned against “the blunder talking of the Indo-Aryan races, claiming or disclaiming Aryan kinship and building on that basis of falsehood the most far-reaching political, social or pseudo-scientific conclusions”. Echoing Sri Aurobindo, Ambedkar independently arrived at almost the same conclusion. For him the theory of an Aryan race was “based on nothing but pleasing assumptions and inferences based on such assumptions” and that it was “a perversion of scientific investigation”.
The mainstream Hindu nationalist organisation, the RSS, takes a stand that resonates with both Sri Aurobindo and Ambedkar. Source

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