July 28, 2016

SOS Nainital Camp 2-8 October 2016

Sourcing Our Oneness
The Golden Chain Fraternity
Connecting  as  a Constellation  in Action 
Sourcing  Our  Oneness 
Nainital Camp  2-8 October 2016 

This is an invitation to Aurovilians and Members  of  Auroville International, to Members of  Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi  Branch, Sri Aurobindo Society, The Golden Chain Fraternity,  World Union, Sri Aurobindo’s Action and SACAR, to join together  for seven days in Nainital 2nd to 8th October 2016.

Together we  will  explore  the practical application  of  the  Integral  yoga  in daily  life, both on an individual and collective  level. How we  can  actively collaborate for  the  fulfillment of  the aims and  ideals of Sri Aurobindo and The  Mother,  in our own lives, in our societies and in  India and the world. We  will  use the  12 qualities of the  Mothers symbol as practical tools to explore the fields of society  as  represented by  the Matrimandir gardens of  Life, Power, Wealth and Utility. This exploration has an integral  approach  and will  include lectures, workshops, body movement, yoga and pranayama, music and art, as well as nature walks in the beautiful area. There will also be space for spontaneous interaction and expression. The aim  is to work towards a synergistic connection; a constellation in action where every  entity  is a star, has  its own energy and light, self-organizing, independent and interdependent  and in resonance  with the  other entities. 

In this way  we  would all work together for  the Action of  Sri Aurobindo and the  Mother, actively  collaborating  with  the manifestation and realization of their vision in India and the World. Accommodation and food will  be  provided  free  of  cost for  the 7 days,  however  donations are  welcome  towards upkeep of the  camp. Participants have  to organize  their own transport to Nainital. Detailed information will be sent out with the confirmation and camp acceptance letter. Sourcing Our Oneness Team. 


“…The  final  dream  was  a  step  in  evolution  which  would  raise  man  to  a  higher  and  larger  consciousness and  begin  the  solution  of  the  problems  which  have  perplexed  and  vexed  him  since  he  first  began  to  think and  to  dream  of  individual  perfection  and  a  perfect  society.” - Sri Aurobindo 

“A  harmonious  collective  aspiration  can  change  the  course  of  circumstances.  Collaboration  does  not mean  that  everybody  should  do  the  will  of  the  man  who  asks  for  it.  True  collaboration  is  a  non-egoistic union  of  all  personal  efforts  to  express  and  realise  the  Divine's  Will.  Indeed  the  goodwill  hidden  in  all things  reveals  itself  everywhere  to  the  one  who  carries  goodwill  in  his  consciousness.  This  is  a constructive  way  of  feeling  which  leads  straight  to  the  Future."   - The Mother -   

This  is  an  invitation  to  members  of  Sri  Aurobindo  Ashram,  Sri  Aurobindo  Society,  The  Golden Chain  Fraternity,  World  Union,  Sri  Aurobindo’s  Action,  Aurovilians  and  all  those  who  are working  for  the  fulfillment  of  the  aims  and  ideals  of  Sri  Aurobindo  and  The  Mother.  The  purpose of  the  get-together  is  to  explore  ways  of  creating  a  synergistic  alliance;  building  a  constellation  in action  where  every  entity  is  a  star,  has  its  own  energy  and  light,  self-organizing,  independent  and interdependent and in resonance with the other entities.  at  Unity  Pavilion,  Auroville on  Sunday,  31  May  2015   from 9.30 am – 2.30 pm 

PLEASE NOTE:   1)  A visit  to  the  Matrimandir  is  being  arranged  at  8.00  am  for  those  who  would  like  to  meditate.   2)  Since  there  is  limited  seating  and  we  have  to  organize  lunch,  we  request  you  to  kindly  register  latest by 5.00 pm on Friday, 28th May 2015. Please send the following details: Name: Institution  /  Organization:   Phone  no:   Visit to Matrimandir: (Yes / No):  By E-mail  to:    unitypavilion@auroville.org.in For any information please contact: 0413-2623576 or 9159180952 (on weekdays - 9.00 am to 4.00 pm)

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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