June 05, 2006

From Sri Aurobindo's Savitri

Then could he see the hidden heart of Night
The labour of its stark unconsciousness....
A spiritless blank infinity was there;
A Nature that denied the eternal Truth
In the vain braggart freedom of its thought
Hoped to abolish God and reign alone...
Unhelped it would create its own bleak world....
Vast minds and lives without a spirit within:
Impatient architects of error's house,
Leaders of the cosmic ignorance and unrest...
Embodied the dark ideas of the Abyss.
Dim forms were born in the unthinking Void...
It was the gate of a false Infinite,
An eternity of disastrous absolutes,
An immense negation of spiritual things....
Being collapsed into a pointless void
That yet was a zero parent of the worlds;
Inconscience swallowing up the cosmic Mind
Produced a universe from its lethal sleep....
Assuming names divine they guide and rule
Opponents of the Highest they have come
Out of their world of soulless thought and power
To serve by enmity the cosmic scheme....
Ignorant, like men born blind who know not light,
They could equate the worst ill with highest good,
Virtue was to their eyes a face of sin...
A dull heart's silent apathy as peace.
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