June 15, 2006

Supermind is to Mind as Conscious Force is to Life

Supermind is involved in Mind, which is involved in Matter. The evolution is from matter to life to mind to Supermind.
Mind has Supermind involved and concealed in its workings.
We must understand the Conscious-Force workings in Life.
Conscious Force is the nature of being. [New, not yet incorporated into Summary]
Life is an energy of consciousness. [New, not yet incorporated into Summary]
As Supermind is behind mind, the Conscious Force is behind Life. [New, not yet incorporated into Summary]
To understand Life, we need to understand the Conscious Force. [New, not yet incorporated into Summary]
The creative Knowledge-Will of Being is the Real Idea, i.e. Supermind. [New, not yet incorporated into Summary]
Life's limitations are due to the exclusivity and separateness of the individual, instead of its Oneness to all; which subjects it to death, limitations, weakness, suffering, etc.
The overcoming of the limitations of life of the individual is the gradual awakening of self, of master of its self, which gives it a power, the growth of its individual power.
Death is imposed on life by the limitations of its own existence, plus the forces and energies of the universe itself.
If the balance between the life force (which creates forms) and forms is not properly distributed(?), then disease and disintegration occur. That is, if the supply of the life force is less than the life force required by the body, disease and disintegration occurs.
The energies of life in the body has to support the attack of the energies external to it in the universe. [New, not yet incorporated into Summary]
Death is a process of life. [New, not yet incorporated into Summary]
Also, the soul, the psychic being seeks infinite experience, and withdraws if it cannot get that from the finite being of the individual.
Unless the body can change and renew its form-type, it would lead to dissolution.
Death is there because the finite seeks its immortality. [!]
Desire is there because the limited individual is seeking Bliss (of the spirit).
Individualized Life is subject to death, desire, and incapacity; death because it seeks the infinite though in a finite body; desire because it seeks Bliss, and also it has incapacity.
If the individualized force were the energy of mind free from ignorance, no such necessity of desire would intervene.
The mind, not separated from Supermind, of divine knowledge, would be free from its ignorance, and would not be subject to its ignorances of death, desire, and incapacity.
Death, desire, and strife are the trinity of divided being.
Only in Supermind can life acquire the necessary charging(?) energies that will enable the body to feel it is experiencing the infinity it seeks, will enable the body not to disintegrate. Supermind takes it out of its exclusivity [of mind, and ego], which is the reason it cannot maintain the balance of energies. With Supermind that is changed. (One can thus control life, its energies, which can lead to endless life.)

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