June 02, 2006

Generative Transformation

GT is short for Generative Transformation - a vision for the world, beginning with the individual. Generativity was first termed by Erik Erikson and refers to an ability to look outside oneself and care for others. It is a concern for future generations. Generativity is an extension of love, a love greater than intimacy in that it does not need to be reciprocated. It is a commitment to the only kind of happiness that is lasting “to increase, by whatever is yours to give, the goodwill and higher order in your sector of the world" (Erikson, 1974).
The mission of GT is to unlock and ignite human potential; this mission is crux of manifesting generative transformation throughout the world. This site documents my generative transformation, the unlocking of my own potential, as well as develops ideas for the generative transformation of the broader global community.
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  1. I asked God for strength,
    He gave me difficult situations to face.

    I asked god for happiness,
    He showed me some unhappy people.

    I asked god for brain and brawn,
    He gave me puzzles in life to solve.

    I asked god for wealth,
    He showed me how to work hard.

    I asked god for health,
    He showed me the honest way of living.

    I asked god for peace,
    He showed me how to help other.

    I asked god for favours,
    He showed me opportunities.

    God gave me nothing I wanted,
    He gave me everything I needed.