June 26, 2006

World Union is the next in the list

When Sri Aurobindo was on earth, there was the possibility of the birth of the Supramental Being. As the earth was not ready, the most He could do for the earth was to win the two world wars. Had the first war been lost or even the second, the world would have taken a very long time to outgrow that tyranny. Hitler who destroyed the Jews would have turned on who or what next, we cannot say. Sri Aurobindo said that Japan was a young country. Had the impulse of imperialism succeeded there, she would take possibly 500 years to outgrow that.
British Imperialism was the expansive impulse of a mature nation, founded on democracy, which valued the good opinion of others more than anything. She did not come to rule, She came to trade. Ruling India was almost an accident. From the time Indian Freedom was won in the subtle plane in 1910, we see in the House of Commons endeavours to grant India a greater measure of self-rule. In 1935 the India Bill that was passed by the House of Commons conferred dominion status on India. Gandhiji rejected it.
v Out of His five aims, He realised the first two – Indian freedom and Asian freedom – during His lifetime. The next on the agenda is world union.
v When the possibility was so great as the birth of the Supramental being, the utmost He could do was to win the wars for humanity.
v Is there such a best available now for the unconscious aspirant?
v Before Sri Aurobindo came, there was no quest in the mind of humanity. The dark ages continued in effect. If anything was there, it was groping, sometimes fumbling. No one knew what to aim for.
v Though we are unconscious, we have before us in writing what to do, what to aspire for. He has left us those blueprints.
v His final goal was the birth of the supramental being. Before that, He speaks of India becoming the Guru of the world. World union is the next in the list.
v His Force is working for world union in the subtle plane.
v The European union which He spoke of in 1916 has become a reality.
v If we have the knowledge that world union is possible, being unconscious, can we work for it? If so, is it to be overt or covert?
v He successfully worked for Peace. As His Force is working for other goals, our working for Prosperity is possible, in my view.

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