June 12, 2006

Supramental beings

Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Page 152 by Nolini Kanta Gupta - 1970 To live totally in the supramental knowledge, one must have other means of expression than those available at present. New modes of expression have to be ...Snippet view - About this Book

Indian Religions: A Historical Reader of Spiritual Experience and Expression - Page 461edited by Peter (Director, Historical Research, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives, India) Heehs - 2002 - 600 pages To return to the supramental: the supramental is simply the direct self-existent... What is not true is not supramental. As for calm and silence, ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Meta-Reality: The Philosophy of Meta-Reality Volume 1: Creativity, Love and Freedom - Page 252by Roy Bhaskar - Religion - 2002 - 436 pagesThis envelope is just what can be called the supramental level of being—supramentalbecause it lies bey'ond or between thought (or mind), typically, ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Essential Aurobindo - Page 40by Sri A Ghose, Robert McDermott - Body, Mind & Spirit - 1994 - 288 pagesMany steps have to be taken by the seeker before the supramental descent is ...But even then it is not at once the full supramental light and force, ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Realization of God According to Sri Aurobindo: A Study of a Neo-Hindu Vision on the Divinization... - Page 231by George Nedumpalakunnel - 1979 - 308 pagesAurobindo's teaching on the supramental realization of God expresses itself, ...As a result, we subsume his vision of supramental realization of God in the ...Snippet view - About this Book

Mirapuri – the City of Peace and Future Man in Europe, Italy and Miravillage its first... - Page 402by Michel Montecrossa121: Problems in action (new method) This attitude of self-opening or surrenderand the ensuing response from the supramental consciousness means that the ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Yoga in Modern India: The Body Between Science and Philosophy - Page 54by Joseph S. Alter - Social Science - 2004 - 376 pages The basic argument is that supramental beings, if not constituted of flesh and... In a sense, supramental beings incarnate the irony and contorted dialects ...Limited preview - All matching pages

A Soul Journey Into Eternity: A Fable on Human Self-Transcendence - Page 86by Ronald L. Campbell - Fiction - 1998This supramental power of the Divine so permeated and upheld matter itself thatthe earth rang out in joy.” “Since that day, Child of Man, forever more ...Limited preview - All matching pages

GOD SHALL GROW UP Body, Soul,& Earth Evolving Together - Page 1014 Supramental Descent The following month, on February 29, 1956, the ... 6 TheSupramental Force was acting globally, not just in the ashram, wherever there ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Transpersonal Psychology: An Integral Encounter with Self-Awareness - Page 70by Ronald Campbell - Psychology - 1999 - 524 pagesTo accomplish this goal the supramental power of the supermind must be used since... When this is accomplished a supramental change of being occurs and the ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Exploration in Education: Two Essays - Page 31by Kireet Joshi, Yvonne Artaud - 1974 - 70 pagesThen will begin also a new education which can be called the supramental education;it will, by its all-powerful action, work not only upon the ...Snippet view - About this Book

The Religious, the Spiritual, and the Secular: Auroville and Secular India - Page 90by Robert N Minor - Religion - 1998 - 208 pagesGranted, he said of the Lok Sabha, that “very often, we do not act in a supramentalmanner,” he recommended that Parliament itself should boldly act in that ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Indian Journal of Philosophic Studies - Page 16by Osmania University. Dept. of PhilosophyThe chief stress is on the supramental transformation There is also a sufficientindication- in The Life Divine of a further evolutionary step. ...Snippet view - About this Book

Education and the Aim of Human Life - Page 82by P B Saint-Hilaire - 1961 - 85 pagesThe physical is the last to change and the supramental force can be at work in a... In brief, one can say that the supramental education will result not ...Snippet view - About this Book

Human Species and Beyond - Page 219by Rajesh Singh - 2006(The supramental human beings shall have a consciousness seated in them whichwill be as pure and ... (The supramental species will shine with divine light. ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Psychology for Future Education - Page 82by Norman C. Dowsett - 1977 - 256 pagesThen will begin also a new education which can be called the Supramental Education...Contrary to the type of education we have spoken of hitherto that ...Snippet view - About this Book

The Origin and the Overcoming of Evil and Suffering in the World Religions - Page 109by Peter Koslowski - Religion - 2001 - 168 pagesClaiming realisation of the Supramental State through his practice of IntegralYoga, Sri Aurobindo has identified four clear intermediate stages be2 ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Fifty Eastern Thinkers - Page 164by Diana Collinson, Kathryn Plant, Robert Wilkinson - Philosophy - 2000 - 425 pagesBeyond this lies what he calls the supramental transformation or descent ofSupermind, a condition not attainable by the exercise of human will.28 No ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Sri Aurobindo: A Bibliography - Page 1by Vedre Manmohan Reddy - 1973 - 48 pagesThe Supramental Manifestation, Ashram,, 432 pp.. The Hour of God, Ashram,, 405 pp..The Life Divine (Volume I), Ashram,, 632 pp.. The Life Divine (Volume ...Snippet view - About this Book

Rave Culture and Religion - Page 1by Graham St. John - Social Science - 2003 - 224 pages... religion once had to lift us onto the sacramental and supramental plane.(Ray Castle, in ENRG 2001:) From African priests to Korean shamans, ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Journal of Indian History - Page 88by University of Allahabad. Department of Modern Indian History, University of Kerala... are utterances of the vision of the Lord through transcendent supramentalknowledge, through supramental devotion, and the supramental ...Snippet view - About this Book

India: Vision and Fulfilment. - - Page 29by Sisirkumar Mitra - 1972 - 290 pagesHe will then live, move and have his being always in the supramental consciousnessof the self-existent Truth, of its ...Snippet view - About this Book

Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas - Page 55by Malachi Eben Ha-Elijah, Tau Malachi - Religion - 2004It is only revealed in the experience of the supramental state or supernalconsciousness; hence, it is only known to itself in full. ...Limited preview - All matching pages

The Quest for Consciousness: A Neurobiological Approach - Page 299by Christof Koch - Psychology - 2004Indeed, I am tempted to label all such operations as supramental, ... Supramentalprocessing is beyond conscious perception; this stands in contrast to the ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Kundalini: The Energy of the Depths : A Comprehensive Study Based on the Scriptures of... - Page 82by Lilian Silburn - 1988They turn upward as soon as the supramental energy reigns supreme. ... Still higherone should meditate on three shining lotuses composed of the supramental ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Christianity: Dogmatic Faith & Gnostic Vivifying Knowledge : the Transmutation of Faith & the... - Page 127by George Heart - 2005He defines in it on the one hand, a 1 QQ 186 Cf. Shri Aurobindo's Life Divineand Supramental Life and several other works from his rich bibliography. ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Neoplatonism and Indian Philosophy - Page 160by Paulos - Philosophy - 2001 - 275 pagesThe integral yogi's ultimate aim is to realize God on all the planes of beingand become a channel of the integral supramental Knowledge-Will for the ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Theosophist Magazine January 1958-August 1958 - Page 26edited by N Sri RAM - Religion - 2003 - 592 pagesPeople today speak of the supramental consciousness, of the region beyond themind, of extra-sensory perception, and of many such things —in all these the ...Limited preview - All matching pages

The Brahmavadin - Page 16by Brahmavadin Prakatana SamithiAt the top of the ladder the Supramental acts upon mind and makes explicit ...For Aurobindo, “Supramental change is a thing decreed and inevitable in the ...Snippet view - About this Book

Indian Philosophy & Culture - Page 28by Vrindāvan (India) Institute of Oriental Philosophy, Vrindāban, India Vaishnava Research InstituteAnd this is the transcen. dental stage which forms a part of the supramental change.The universalization is the other aspect of ...Snippet view - About this Book

On Culture & Other Essays - Page 98by Mēkū Raṅgayyappārāvu - 1978 - 100 pages“Purusha and Prakriti, conscious Soul, and executive force of Nature are in thesupramental harmony a two-aspected single truth, being and dynamis of ...Snippet view - About this Book

The Secret of the Veda (Soft Cover) - Page 152by Sri Aurobindo - 1971 - 581 pages... that this supra-celestial wideness, this illimitable light is a supramentalheaven, the heaven of the supramental Truth, of the immortal Beatitude, ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Michel Montecrossa, Song Lyrics Vol. 1 - Page 156by Michel MontecrossaSupramental in the core of Matter, / Supramental in the height of living: / butman is still / a hell-hound loose. 5. Age of Glory, age of apes. ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Vision of Reality - Page 81by Kshitish Chandra Chakravarti, Śaṅkarācārya - 1969 - 371 pagesWorking with the data furnished by the senses, reason is incompetent to deal withthe supramental experiences of the Self and Liberation. ...Snippet view - About this Book

Armageddon USA: A Chronicle of America's Genocide Phenomenon and Its Culture of Death - Page 230by Ronald Campbell - Social Science - 1999 - 576 pagesThe supramental gnostic being is a person of knowledge-by-identity who uses ...The Supramental gnosis is self-knowledge and intimate world-knowledge and a ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Secularism: Its Progress and Its Moralsby John M. (John Milton) Bonham - 1894 - 396 pagesPage 42No preview available - About this Book

Eternity in Words: Sri Aurobindo's Savitri - Page 90by Rameshwar Gupta - 1969 - 194 pagesThese facts are only a pointer to the possibility in Nature of the control ofthe physical, the vital and the mental by a higher power, the supramental. ...Snippet view - About this Book

The Religions of the World - Page 604by Ramakrishna Mission. Institute of Culture, Sri Ramakrishna centenary committee - 1938... men as wild phantasy but which can wake up and move the psychic being in man,disclosing supramental truths beyond the reach of intellect and thought. ...Snippet view - About this Book

The Secret of the Veda (Hard Cover, Crown Size) - Page 474by Sri AurobindoThis hidden Truth is the Vast because it dwells free and manifest only on thesupramental plane where existence, will, knowledge, joy move in a rapturous ...Limited preview - All matching pages

India and World Culture. -by Vinayak Krishna Gokak - 1972 - 137 pagesPage 70No preview available - About this Book

Varied Rhythms - Page 60by Karan Singh - 1960 - 102 pagesSri Aurobindo's express aim was to bring down upon the earth a Supramental Poweror Force which exists at present in a higher sphere, to bring down this ...Snippet view - About this Book

India's Evolution, Its Meaning - Page 150by Sizirkumar Mitra - 1968 - 157 pagesOn April 1956 along with her Declaration of the Supramental Manifestation onearth, the Mother made another J ...Snippet view - About this Book

Tryst with the Divine - Page 44by K. R. Srinivasa Iyengar - 1974 - 48 pages... ranges of consciousness, from the Higher Mental to the Supramental. ...of mental into supramental consciousness, and earth-nature into supernature. ...Snippet view - About this Book
Renewal Theology: Systematic Theology from a Charismatic Perspective - Page 403by J. Rodman Williams - Religion - 1996 - 1470 pagesThe interpretation of tongues is a supramental2” operation of the Holy Spirit.Interpretation of tongues is in a known language; however, ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Psychotherapy and Spirit: Theory and Practice in Transpersonal Psychotherapy - Page 53by Brant Cortright - Psychology - 1997 - 224 pages... are ranges of consciousness above and below the human range, with which thenormal human has no contact and they seem to it unconscious,—supramental or ...Limited preview - All matching pages

Sourcebook of the World's Religions: An Interfaith Guide to Religion and Spirituality - Page 101by Joel D Beversluis - Religion - 2000 - 420 pages... will be to man what man is to the animal; the present human consciousness willbe replaced by a new consciousness, no more mental, but supramental. ...Limited preview - All matching pages

The Generals of October - Page 352 by John T. Cullen - Fiction - 2000 - 360 pages Aurobindo began Savitri in the late 1920's and he continued to revise and “raiseit up into the supramental,” ...Limited preview - All matching pages

The Doctrine of Vibration: An Analysis of the Doctrines and Practices of Kashmir Shaivism - Page 46 by Mark S.G. Dyczkowski - 1987 The Supreme Lord rests at the end of the expansion or evolution of objectivityfrom the lowest level to the supramental state ...Limited preview - All matching pages

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