July 11, 2007

Have you heard of Kaliostro? He was a mystic and a Free Mason with a great prophetic power

14-12-1938. Time: about 5-30 P. M.
Silent atmosphere. M. meditating, P. sitting by his side. Sri Aurobindo cast a glance at M. After few minutes P. tried to kill a mosquito with a clapping of hands. Sri Aurobindo looked at P. M. opened his eyes. P. felt much embarrassed.
Disciple: Were you ever a Free Mason, Sir?
Sri Aurobindo: My eldest brother was; from him I gathered that it was nothing. But Free Masons had something when it was started. Have you heard of Kaliostro? He was a mystic and a Free Mason with a great prophetic power. He prophesied about the French Revolution, the raising of Bastille and guillotining of the King and Queen. He used to prophesy about race-horses. He got into trouble and was imprisoned and died in prison. He never charged any money from any one and yet he was affluent. It was said he knew alchemy and could make gold. (There was a few minutes silence.)
Sri Aurobindo: Have you heard about Nosterdamus? No? He was a Jew. At that time Jews had great knowledge. He wrote a book of prophecy in some obscure language and prophesied about the execution of Charles I, the end of the British Empire and the lasting of the Empire for about 330 years.
Disciple: Then there is still a long time?
Sri Aurobindo: No, it was to be counted from the beginning of her colonies. That means from James I. In that case it should end now.
Disciple: From Chamberlain's speech today it seems Britain is not obliged to side with France in case of war,--it looks like it.
Sri Aurobindo: The English always keep their policy open so that they may change and correct as they like or want.
Disciple: But they cannot join Italy or Germany?
Sri Aurobindo: Why not? They can share with them France's African Colonies.
(At this time Mother came. We looked towards her and changed our position from near Sri Aurobindo's head.) She said, "Don't move, don't move."
Disciple: We have decided to meditate when you come. (Mother made big eyes and we all laughed.)
Mother: But if I want to hear the talk?
Disciple: Then we will talk.
Sri Aurobindo: (addressing the Mother): I am giving him a few prophecies of Kaliostro and Nosterdamus whom he has never read, he says.
Disciple: You know Bhikshu X was quite illogical; he called me back from here?
Sri Aurobindo: All preachers are illogical. Were you a fervent Buddhist? Is there much Buddhism in your parts?
Disciple: About one or two million people are Buddhists and there is nothing of Buddhism in what they follow.
Mother: Nothing or something of Buddhism?
Disciple: Something.
Mother: In China and Japan also no Buddhism is left. Only ceremonies remain. In Ceylon they say there is still some authentic Buddhism.
Disciple: In Burma also the same is the case. There, people put on ochre clothes at day and throw them away at night. But the Burmese people show a great respect for their Bikshus.
Disciple: Yes. Respect to dress and not to the reality.
Sri Aurobindo: Lele used to have the same idea. Once I met a Sanyasi with him. Lele asked me: "You don't bow down to him?" I replied: "I don't believe in the man". Lele said: "But you must respect the yellow robe". The Sanyasi was one of the three people whom Vivekananda drove out of his house and they became Avatars in one day (Laughter). Is he just the man to be so treated?
(As Mother had fallen into meditation we all tried to meditate with her. At about 7 P. M. she went for the group meditation and we rallied again round Sri Aurobindo.)
Addressing X,
Sri Aurobindo: You seemed to have Ananda in your meditation. Your face is beaming with it.
Disciple: Yes Sir. He is nowadays beaming with Ananda.
Disciple: (shyly), "I fell into deep sleep I think, but I had some visions also which seem to be quite distinctly outside.
Sri Aurobindo: Then why do you call it sleep? It may be the psychic being, or the inner being watching what is happening. Sometimes one goes into deeper state and remembers nothing in his outer consciousness, though many things may be going on within. What is called dreamless sleep is really a sleep in which dreams are passing on, only one does not know. Sometimes one discusses problems in such a condition, gets the ecstasy of union, etc. One may also go into other worlds with one part of this being and meet other forms etc. This is of course the first condition and a kind of a beginning

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