July 17, 2007

Secular democratic institutions as being facilitative for social change

Re: What is Hindutva? The Eternal Word
by Rich on Mon 16 Jul 2007 09:09 AM PDT Profile Permanent Link
YS wrote: It is therefore necessary to have a social working instrument available as well, so designed on these lines for this purpose; and let us also believe that the redefined and revised “Hindutva ‘ for the reasons narrated above would fulfill the Divine Spiritual Task.<
But these social instruments has been defined in the Ideal of Human Unity and the Human Cycle and nowhere in these document are we forced to choose to adopt any particular tradition's religious practices as a social vehicle for transformation. In fact for this period in history, Sri Aurobindo seems to highlight the workings of secular democratic institutions as being as facilitative for social change as any particular religious organization of society. rc

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