July 14, 2007

This was much before

Re: 16: The Divine Mother Counsels Aswapati by RY Deshpande on Wed 11 Jul 2007 02:14 AM PDT Profile Permanent Link Here is the fourfold negation
Can the physical cells of the body experience the divine consciousness, can it be present in them, they not just embody it but be it? Traditionally Matter has been treated as brute stuff, full of darkness and inertia, incapable of holding the luminous substance of the spirit in it. It is in that context that the question of the physical cells’ having it assumes a fundamental significance. In the Evening Talks, AB Purani records Sri Aurobindo’s answer to it as follows:
“Yes, the cells can have peace, joy, etc. and when they are quite conscious, they can throw out the opposing forces.”
This was much before the work of physical transformation had acquired the intensity and certitude with the opening of the physical’s mind to the supramental light, with the establishment of the Mind of Light in Sri Aurobindo, the Mind of Light being that mind of physical opening to the supramental light.
When peace descends in the physical it is a great force for cure; the physical can go even beyond this, become an instrument for the divine expression. The Mother’s work was concerned with this stuff, of preparing it to receive the divine Light and Power.
On 14 March 1970 she spoke of the work Sri Aurobindo had given to her. Before long she found that, indeed the physical is capable of receiving the supramental Light and Power, “the physical is capable of receiving the higher Light, the true Consciousness and of manifesting it”—not only receiving but also manifesting it. She was already on the way towards the great transformation. The emphasis was on the higher Power working in the physical, of manifesting in it. In fact, she had the early certitude of it being soon accomplishing it, of it being done. There was even a conscious prayer from the cells of the body to the Supreme:
O Supreme Lord of the universe, we implore Thee, give us the strength and the beauty, the harmonious perfection needed to be Thy divine instruments upon earth.

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